Update on My Status and Whereabouts

To my followers:

I owe you an apology.  I have been missing in action for almost 3 months and have not informed you about the reason.  This short note seeks to provide that information.

My wife has been quite ill and has had to be in clinics for treatments for various serious issues.  Her most recent challenge is her right eye. A few weeks ago she developed an ulcer in her eye and also a fungal infection.  Neither we nor the doctors have any clue why this has occurred.

We continue visiting the doctor(s) twice weekly.  The visits are not just check ups but continued treatments involving painful injections into her eye and various medicines that are applied, mostly every waking hour.  Her prognosis is unclear at this moment.  There is improvement but until the doctors give us the okay, I am hesitant to say much about her getting well. We just don’t know.

Consequently, I have had very little time.  I have two lengthy presentations on Rebooting the Bible prepared for recording.  But I have not been able to spend enough time at my desk to get them completed.  They are fully scripted however and ready to record. Editing takes some time but I hope to post them soon.  Pray for the LORD to clear the way and help me make the most of my time so that I can get them ready and  published soon.

Doug Woodward returns to Prophecy Watchers

On a positive note: I recorded two television programs with Mondo Gonzales at Prophecy Watchers back in April.  The first was aired in May and focused on Rebooting the Bible. The second will likely be aired this week, at least being made available at the Prophecy Watchers’ website.  This program addresses my two latest books, Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days? as well as American Requiem: Why the USA Collapses in the Last Days.  Pray if you will for the broadcast to be a blessing for those who watch, and that it will stimulate interest in the books.  Since my only income is revenue from book sales, these television programs are essential for me to make an adequate income to keep the Woodwards afloat.

The two new books, available now at Amazon and in my store on Faith-Happens.com/store.

Thanks for your patience.  I am still hopeful to complete Book II of Revising Reality before the end of summer, but I may not be able to meet that deadline.  100 pages are written, but 200 more pages will be necessary to do a good job of explaining why current astrophysics and cosmology is on the verge of radical changes that will point away from a godless universe to one that testifies to His manner of creation and ‘maintenance’ of its order.

Enough for now.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  Recall you can support me via donations if you like and also of course through purchasing my books or DVDs. And take advantage of all the free content on my site.  Hundreds of articles, many taken directly from my books, as well as numerous PowerPoint Presentations I’ve done over the past decade, that are free to download and study. See the Menus above for links.

Browse through the store too if you haven’t done so recently.





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