Two of the most popular books I’ve written were done almost 10 years ago, Power Quest, Books 1 and 2.  These two volumes, roughly 700 pages in length when combined, supply the basis of my view on why the United States is the Daughter of Babylon (Bat Babel) described in Jeremiah 50 and 51, along with other references in Isaiah 47:1, Psalm 137:8, and Zechariah 2:7. The more popular book, The Final Babylon, builds upon the research in PQ 1 & 2. The PQ books supply substantial more information that what was presented in The Final Babylon and essential to understand my controversial position. If you enjoyed it, PQ 1 & 2 are indispensable.

Sometime soon, probably early in the month of May, Prophecy Watchers will broadcast a 30-minute program on the Power Quest books (a “30,000 foot overview”), with Gary Stearman interviewing yours truly. We recorded this show a couple of weeks back.  It will be carried on DayStar as well as available on many local TV stations and on their website at

In this post I’m announcing four 1-hour presentations that were presented in 2012 and 2013.  Two were presented at the Branson Prophecy Conference hosted by Prophecy in the News in July 2012.  The other two were hosted by Russ Dizdar’s organization in an annual Chicago Prophecy Summit in August of 2013. These videos are all available and payable from YouTube.

I hope you enjoy viewing these presentations.  Please consider purchasing Power Quest Books One and Two.  They are available from my web store ( at a special price of $33.00 (regular price is $44.00 – a 25% discount).  You can select whether you want the discounted Media Mail price (about $3.00, for a 5-7 day delivery) or the 2-day USPS Priority mail ($7.95).  This special price is ONLY available at my store.  Otherwise, you may wish to purchase the books at LULU or at the AMAZON KINDLE stores.

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And now here are the four presentations drawn from Power Quest: Book One – American’s Obsessions with the Paranormal, and Power Quest: Boot Two ; The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America.