A Great Interview on Minute-to-Midnight

April 20, 2019. Duration 59 minutes.

Summary: Gary Huffman and I joined Tony on his show originating from “down under” in New Zealand.  We focused a great deal of time on the failure of Mainstream Media, brought home to everyone with the Robert Mueller’s investigation, to prove the RussianGate Collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Could the investigations shift to Hillary Clinton and Company?  Could the Clinton’s be brought to justice? Or will the fear of being “Arkansided” keep reporters from pushing hard on these issues?

Who might be the sacrificial lambs to take the fall for the true conspiracy among the opposition?  Will the real Russian collusion please stand up?  Will the next two years be refocused on the sedition of those that tried to unseat a duly-elected president?

We also discussed the extradition of Julian Assange.  Despite the fact that he may have played a critical part in Trump’s victory, the Trump Administration seems ready to fry him. Why can Assange be convicted of wrongdoing when he’s a journalist and journalists have the freedom to publish any formerly classified material once it’s made public? The Pentagon Papers established the precedent for this “freedom” of the press.  So will Donald Trump push for conviction or will he be swayed by the “alt-media” that support Trump? Does Trump flip-flop or does he lie outright? Why do Christians do backflips over Trump despite these negative attributes? Can those of us that support him influence what he winds up doing with Julian Assange’s fate?

Why is the media against Assange now when they supported him seven years ago (when he first gained asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy)?

The truth seems to be harmed by two moves regarding media.  One, the media is controlled by the Deep State.  Secondly, the powers that be are choking out more and more freedom of speech from the alternative media.  YouTube, Google, Facebook — all social media seems to be working to stifle press freedoms.  The trend increases week-by-week to implement censorship. Julian Assange may be the catalyst to surface this issue at a higher level of intensity.

Where do we find ourselves?  Is a civil war pending between the Deep State and the Libertarians? Isn’t Republican and Democrat just two names for the same party (i.e., reinforce the status quo)?

This was only the first half of the show!  We move on into bankers and bail-outs. Will banks exercise their rights to “bail in” and take our deposits? Why did Cypress use the bail-in tactic? What does it mean to be an unsecured creditor? What is the fractional banking system?  Why is the way banks loan money completely different from the way we loan money?

Banks – Whither to Bail out or Bail in?

What are the two most powerful entities in the world?  What is the meaning of the central banks like the Federal Reserve?  What is quantitative easing?  How does it work?

What about precious metals, gold and silver?  Is this where you want to put your money?  Are the super rich manipulating the pricing of these types of assets?  Are the banks that were too-big-to-fail any better off?  Is the day of reckoning coming?  Will the economy collapse? Will this lead to the Mark of the Beast?  Will everything be pegged to have value?  Including human beings?

And more!

What can we do as individuals and as a Church?  We discuss.

Gary and Doug co-authored a book together, The Revealing. Unlocking Hidden Truths on the Glorification of God’s Children. If you would like to support their ministry, please consider buying a copy of the book.  It is a study of how believers and the creation will be revealed in glory, with the same glory of Jesus Christ, as the major part of our salvation.  Few know what really is going to happen after we die or right after the rapture of the church.