The paper from which this video was made has been the most visited paper (post) in my history.  It is also the first paper (post) to draw more women than men.  Health is a woman’s issue I guess. I’m pleased this has proven to be the case.

The video goes a bit deeper than the paper in the sense that it provides extensive photographs and a few videos as background for the paper, adding more intensity to what I’m saying. On the other hand, the paper documents the research through extensive foot-noting which I don’t reference in the video. For those that want the documentation, I’m also including a PDF of the prior post by the same title, without all the HTML “noise” that comes with a printed version of the webpage. (See a couple of paragraphs below.)

I will be providing another location shortly…. YouTube immediately remove it.  Gotta love censorship.  It is the Mark of the Beast.

I’m going with BitChute… here’s the program loaded below …

The video, The Hot Seat for February 12, 2021, runs 45 minutes. It has already removed from YouTube. Click on the picture of the familiar BEAST above. It will take you to Bitchute.

Many folks today can’t take the time to read through a 6,000 word “white paper” on the subject of vaccines.  That’s another reason why I’ve created a Hot Seat program (for February 12, 2021) now available on YouTube, to explain the nuances of the Covid-19 Vaccine — and to express my concerns about whether we should be making our decision on whether to get or not get the vaccine based upon speculating about Bible Prophecy.  This is a practical matter… and for some, a life and death matter.  The question is whether the fear expressed about the Covid-19 vaccine has a basis in fact (given the sordid history of many vaccines it seems it might) or whether the speculation about its effects on our bodies is what many Anti-VAXXERS say it is. Their views are extreme. Unfortunately, for conservatives, we have been burned by the establishment so much lately, it’s hard to feel authorities can be trusted anymore.  That’s why it’s important for folks like me to express ourselves after doing the research that most don’t have the time, and in some cases, the ability to do.

Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Become the Mark of the Beast (PDF) (Click here)

We know that there is a growing fear that this vaccine (and it is a vaccine from the standpoint of being a pathway to immunize us), will open the door for “vaccine interference” which would make us many times more likely to die from a future mutation. There is also much being said about the mRNA actually changing our DNA so that we are becoming “transhuman”.  I raise counter-points to these fears.

Coronavirus Covid19 on crumpled one hundred dollar bill. Concept of economic crisis during pandemic.

I hope you find the video helpful.  It runs 45 minutes counting the intro and the commercial at the end.

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