One of the most intriguing aspects of the Trump Legal Team’s investigation of fraudulent voting is the possible war between the US intelligence services.  

We’ve heard rumors that a special ops teams from the military seized the Dominion servers in Frankfurt, Germany, at the directive of the President.  Were there casualties because of this action?  Apparently, there were.  Perhaps many.

“One day after President Donald Trump tweeted about a report that Dominion Voting System had deleted 2.7 million trump votes nationwide, Rep. Louis Gohmert has confirmed that a US forces have seized servers containing election data in Frankfurt, Germany.”

Behind the action is Trump’s use of National Security Action Memorandum 57.  Taking this action (for the first time in history) the curtains opened on what have been the sinister origins of the CIA.

The video (about 9 minutes) paints a picture of a massive corruption going all the way back to the 19th century, and the role of British and American elites to sell opium to the Chinese to correct a balance of trade problem owing to British importation of tea.  The problem was it depleted the gold in the central bank of England.  What we discover in our review is why the foundation of the CIA ties directly  to this issue.

The claim by Daniel Natal is that the CIA has had a base of operations out of China for decades, originating in the work of one particular American in Shanghai.  Furthermore, the CIA and western elites have been behind the drug trade as a means of financing its black operations and the personal fortunes of the “dark cabal” that appears at the core of the institution.  Even the Delano family (the D in FDR is Delano), was up to their ankles in this ruse.

When we think China, says Daniel, think CIA front. The only difference between the drug lords and cartels of South America when contrasted with the CIA is that the CIA has the backing (and cover) of being an arm of the US government. Think C-h-I-n-A.

Security Action Memo 57 is Trump’s declaration of war on the CIA. It was first put forth by Kennedy before his assassination.  Kennedy knew the CIA had gained too much power during the 1950s. The Cuban invasion in 1962, planned and run by the CIA, was the last straw.

When the memo went into effect (which it never has until this past month), the CIA has been shut out of the Whitehouse.  The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) reports directly to the President. Recall, General Flynn was the head of the DIA before Trump elevated him to National Security Director.

Want to know more?  Listen to the video.  It’s a real eye opener.

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