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Tough Questions on the Fate of the United States


Daniel Duval is a great interviewer.  He has interesting guests and is eager to challenge his guests (he throws curve balls, not soft balls!)  We cover a lot of ground and get into considerable detail about imminent events in Bible prophecy and how they will impact America.  We spend 100 minutes together discussing the powers and principalities behind Gog and Magog, the daughter of Babylon, the Prince of Persia, and how they have influenced present day geopolitical events.

Several persons have encouraged me to push harder to make sure everyone “within the … Read More


To those who follow me regularly, you know I have been warning those who will listen that preparations have been made on both sides of the conflict surrounding the Ukraine and the fight in its Donbas region (in the east, along the Ukraine’s border with Russia).  Over the past two weeks, fighting has intensified and the evidence is compelling that Russia has deployed heavy artillery and tanks in the region.  No question, both sides have stepped up the propaganda campaigns.  It is difficult to know what is true and false about the details reported by news agencies loyal to their … Read More

Shaking in the Stock Market

Shaking in the Stock Market: A Harbinger of Things to Come?

Yesterday, we witnessed a stunning drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of over 1000 points. This was the largest point drop in a single day in the history of the market. Of course, the market has never been higher, even before September 2008, so the drop in points itself is not as meaningful as the percentage the market fell which was 6.6%. The market did not stay down, however:

Yet five minutes after the initial US market collapse, a wave of buying cut the losses in half. At … Read More



My friend John Price wrote a great recap of the issues that make this September one to approach with fear and trepidation (if you are not a child of God).  Could we be seeing an economic collapse?  Could the war between Russia and the U.S. that I’ve discussed be just around the corner?  One thing is for sure, more students of Bible prophecy are on their toes and watching world events in anticipation of dramatic changes and even signs that we are moving into the times of fulfillment.  Please enjoy this newsletter from John and check out his fine book, … Read More

The Crisis in Ukraine: War or Rumors of War?

I have the privilege and pleasure of working with two terrific authors who are respectively experts in global finance and geopolitical strategy, Benjamin Baruch and Jeffrey Nyquist. This past week, Ben and Jeff published an important article in News with Views on the crisis in the Ukraine that reinforces my research on what is happening in the Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, and US/NATO responses–and why the issues matter so much to us in the U.S. today.  Be looking for a new book by these two which I will be supporting in several ways (to be announced later).  That book is referenced … Read More