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Does Genesis 1-11 Provide for “Generation Gaps” to Make the Genesis Chronology Make Sense to Science?

How do we reconcile an old earth with the Bible?  Even if we grant the world is very old, God’s creation of Adam and Eve is dated by the Masoretic Text to 6,000 years ago, and the Septuagint to 7,600 years ago.  But what if there were “generation gaps” (or additional gaps in the chronologies supplied in Genesis 5 and 11?  Does this “buy us time” so to speak and make anthropology and archeology coincide with what the Bible teaches?  That’s a major subject in Rebooting the Bible, Part 2. The following article below  is drawn from Chapter 2 of

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What Really Happened When the World Was Divided 530 Years After the Great Flood?

The following article is taken from Chapter 3 of Rebooting the Bible, Part 2. The division of the nations (or the world) was the first major event that occurred consecutively after the Tower of Babel.  The question is did it happen at the same time?  Or did it happen about 300 years after the Babel rebellion?  This event, the division of the World at the time of Peleg, is the first event we take up in Rebooting the Bible, Part 2, that is dramatically changed if the chronology of the Septuagint is correct.

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In this article drawn from the first book in a two part series, I provide an overview of what is discussed in PART 2 of Rebooting the Bible.  This introduction was provided in PART 1. Obviously this illustrates that the two Parts of the story were known from the outset of the effort and are complementary. PART 2 IS NOW OUT! Readers are showing strong interest in the book.  My thanks to you.

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Why the Book of Jasher Doesn’t Get the Account of the Tower of Babel Right


FINALLY, the book is published and available.  For now, it’s the printed version only (Kindle is about one month, in time for the 4th of July).  The format is 8.5″ by 11″.  I had to make the difficult decision to go with a larger format.  The reason, there are over 90 photographs and charts, many with tiny details you’ll want to see.  This would only be plain to see in the larger format.  (I’ll eventually have to redo RTB-Part 1 to the same size format, when I do an … Read More

Was the Tower a Ziggurat?

This article is from the new book, Rebooting the Bible, Part 2.

I’ve missed my date to publish by today.  Too much editing to do!  But it will pay off in the end.

So allow me to treat my followers with an excerpt from the Chapter on the Tower of Babel.  I go deep into the meaning behind the Tower. In this article I introduce the notion of the Cosmic Mountain and the connection between the Tower, sacred mountains, mounds, and monuments.  The pattern is fascinating, and the meaning revealing.

Expect the book within a week!

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