Anti-Semitism Arises Once Again – What is the Biblical Basis to Oppose it?

It’s quite unusual to find a Christian author or teacher that favors Israel who isn’t also a dispensationalist.  And it is difficult to find a dispensationalist who isn’t also a Christian Zionist.  Nevertheless, in Gerald McDermott, we have an Anglican theologian, Israel scholar, and author who is not dispensational, but who advocates for Jews everywhere, especially those living in the present state of Israel.  McDermott has written extensively on the subject of why Israel should be valued by Christians rather than repudiated for their historical rejection of … Read More

THE REVEALING – A New Book from S. Douglas Woodward, Available tomorrow, Friday June 9, 2017

After many months of work, co-authors Gary Huffman and S. Douglas Woodward are pleased to announce the publication of THE REVEALING: UNLOCKING HIDDEN TRUTHS ON THE GLORIFICATION OF GOD’S CHILDREN.  It is available tomorrow in paperback at Amazon.com. (eBook formats will follow in the weeks ahead). Dr. Michael K. Lake wrote a compelling foreword to the book, expressing why THE REVEALING is mandatory reading for all those who are serious about spiritual growth and prepping themselves for rough times ahead.

What is this book about?  Here is the description from the back cover of the book:

The pillar and the

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Enemies on All Four Sides – And Inside the Whitehouse Walls Too

As usual, Caroline Glick has a way to get to the heart of a matter really fast.  Her article, “Trump and Israel:  Enemies of the System” (05/19/2017) runs through the media maze right to the center of the puzzle.  Her summation of the situation provides some important insights that not only pertain to Israel’s relationship with the U.S. but also identifies who the culprits are that have been giving Trump such a hard time, making learning his new role an impossible task.

No doubt this past week has been one of the most turbulent in American presidential politics in recent … Read More