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How We Keep Watch: Why Date Setting Fails

[This article was originally written in 2013 with significant updates present day, in 2019. It is far more relevant today than 6 years ago. I challenge you, if you are a believer in the Second Coming of Christ, to read the full article and consider its implications for your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.]

False Prophets Pick Dates

When any notable advocate for the apocalyptic teaching of the Bible stoops to predict a date for ‘the end of the world as we know it,’ it peaks the interest of the press.  This past month we saw yet another example … Read More

Does Revelation Predict Future Events or Just Tell Us History?

Yesterday, I participated in a debate with Brian Godawa on Parker J. Cole’s program, “Parker’s Comparables.”  The show’s theme was to address the Harlot of Babylon, Revelation 17.  But we spent a good deal of time on the matter of the audience of the book.  Was it targeted just to those living in the first century?  Or was it prophetically addressed to those at the end of the age? You might not be familiar with the Preterist viewpoint that sees all of John’s Apocalypse focused on the first century only.  The debate spans about 100 minutes. 

Brian takes the position … Read More


Noted author, screenwriter, and speaker, Brian Godawa appeared with me today on the Parker J. Cole’s show “Parker’s Comparables”.  We discussed and debated which understanding of eschatology Best fits the prophetic assertions of the Bible. It was a fast 120 minutes exploring the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24, Jesus’ predictions for what would happen within a generation of his pronouncements and, from my point of view, beyond.

Today was Parker’s birthday and she indicated that our coming together to discuss the topic was our gift to her.  Of course, Brian and I may benefit most by becoming acquainted and by learning … Read More


Are you curious about what our life might be life after we die?  Do you believe we will have eternal life in the presence of God and the ones we love?  Why do we want to live forever?  Gary Huffman and I address these issues and many more in the book, THE REVEALING.

About ten days ago, Gary and I had the privilege to be with Tony on his show, A Minute to Midnight.  We had a very energetic and informative discussion.  I invite you to listen to the one hour interview.  Our discussion got into some engaging discussion … Read More

When Prophecy Fails

SUMMARY: UFO cults almost always link their teachings to the end of the world. Whether its “Heaven’s Gate” or the cult discussed below in a 1956 book (“The Seekers”), it is one of the abiding features of such cults and actually virtually all cults: The end of the world is NOW and we must drop everything and head to the hills to be redeemed. For those of us who focus much of our attention on Bible Prophecy, there are lessons to be learned.

List of UFO Cults Appearing in the United States

The Seekers (aka Brotherhood of the Seven Rays)
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