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2018: Is This the Eve of Destruction?

Many students of Bible prophecy believe that 2018 is the year – the year that is, the Tribulation period begins. It doesn’t matter whether the Tribulation will be 3.5 or 7 years in duration. It is at hand.

Much of this conviction has to do with date patterns, specifically 70 years since Israel became a nation, 50 years since the 1967 war, and 100 years since Allenby took Jerusalem from the Ottomans.  We’ve seen this conviction before.  2017 seemed to be “the year” too based on these same calculations. Why could either year be “the year?” The math for the … Read More


The Crisis in the Ukraine

It is a perplexing issue:  Why does the U.S. have to protect European interests even when those interests have little to do with a matter about which the U.S. couldn’t care less?   When it comes to protecting Europe from its enemies, why does the U.S. step up to the challenge?

Given what has been happening the Europe over the past 18 months, notably the confrontation in the Ukraine between a quasi-fascist government in Kiev and those “refusenik” Ukrainian “separatists” in the east (who prefer Russia partners), one wonders why the United States should give a … Read More