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All TV Interviews with Prophecy in the News

I have been privileged to work closely with Prophecy in the News since 2010.  This September it will be five years that I have been invited to appear on the show with Gary Stearman and occasionally do daily updates with both Gary and Bob Ulrich.  During that time I’ve also been blessed by sitting beside LA Marzulli, Russ Dizdar, and Tom Horn.

I have reorganized the many shows (there are about ten 30-minute shows now) delving into my books and related topics.  You can still find these scattered around YouTube and Vimeo, but I’ve assembled them all in one place … Read More


The second 30 minutes television interview I did with Prophecy in the News was too controversial for the GEB network.  It definitely is one where I didn’t hold back on making clear why I wrote LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET:  EXPOSING THE LIE OF ANCIENT ALIENS.  I think the program will grab a lot of attention. Controversy and censorship is usually good to garner more views.  Let’s see how that works out!

But, as usual, I don’t speculate that much.  I just tell the audience the truth as recorded in historical documents (newspapers, books, older periodicals).  The truth will … Read More


Gary Stearman interviewed me on Prophecy in the News.  In addition to two, 11 minute “Daily Updates” we also recorded two, 30 minute shows addressing my new book, LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET: EXPOSING THE LIE OF ANCIENT ALIENS.  This show will be broadcast around the country this week and next.  The second of the two programs will follow.

The shows cover many of the key points of the book and would be a good introduction for those of you who might be interested in knowing about the speculation concerning Ancient Aliens and how to compose a biblical response.… Read More

INTERVIEW-with DEREK GILBERT, “View from the Bunker”

I was privileged to be interviewed by Derek Gilbert on his Internet Radio show, “View from the Bunker” on my new book, LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET: EXPOSING THE LIE OF ANCIENT ALIENS.

Derek is a superlative interviewer with in depth knowledge of the subject matter–any subject matter–that we ever discuss.  I think you will find the show quite interesting as he asks great questions.

Click HERE to go to Derek’s site to listen.… Read More


Psychic Reality and Life on Mars

At the end of the nineteenth century, many people – if not most – believed intelligent life existed on Mars.  Not only was the idea of smart Martians deemed conservative amongst the masses, it satisfied the more discriminating tastes of the intelligentsia too.  In fact, it was as fashionable to believe in human beings living on Mars as it was to believe in levitating tables and invisible spirits rapping on wood.  Such “parlor tricks” were highlights amongst the enlightened visions as well as the esoteric entertainment sought by the rich and famous.  Rest assured, … Read More