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Over the next several weeks, I will concentrate on marketing my book, UNCOMMON SENSE:  A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR THE CHURCH IN BABYLON.  This book was written with assistance from one of my writing partners, Doug Krieger.  In fact, Doug wrote the Foreword for the book which I share here.

The book is available from my store at Amazon for $17.95 (INCLUDES SHIPPING) and is signed by yours truly. Amazon Prime members can order the book for $17.96 (including shipping but no signature from me!)

The book is a bit more accessible at 200 pages.  If you know someone you would … Read More


Doug Krieger and myself were pleased to spend an hour with Rick Wiles, the host of TruNews.  Rick discusses the possible surveillance of his ministry location in Vera Beach, Florida for about 10 minutes, and then he brings us onto the international broadcast.

We discussed our new book, UNCOMMON SENSE:  A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR TEH CHURCH IN BABYLON.  The conversation is direct, hard-hitting, and focused on scriptural references to THE DAUGHTER OF BABYLON from Jeremiah 50, 51.

We are confident you will find the hour time well-spent.  Here is the link. 

Let Doug and I know what you think.

Also, … Read More

Announcing New Book – UNCOMMON SENSE

My new book, UNCOMMON SENSE:  A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR THE CHURCH IN BABYLON will be available for full release on November 4, 2014 (Election Day!).  Both printed (paperback) and digital (Kindle) copies will be available from Amazon. If you would like a signed copy, send me your email address and request to doug@faith-happens.com.  I will bill you via PayPal (I need your name and email address).  On PayPal you should be able to enter your physical address for delivery of the book.  The price for the book, retail is $19.95.  Media Mail shipping is $3.05.  Priority Mail shipping is $5.05  … Read More

Filling the Void – Prophecy Buffs Need Community Too

The Quiet Minority

Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of being a speaker at a number of conferences dedicated to Bible prophecy. Prophecy enthusiasts (“buffs”) come to such conferences—and do so with frequency. I have had the chance to meet many people who stop by my table to buy a book or just chat. Consequently, I see many of the same faces from one conference to the next. During this time, I developed some terrific friendships with many of these frequent attendees. For me, “reconnecting” remains one of the best aspects of doing these conferences. Despite … Read More


We are pleased to announce our first ever conference to be held in Dublin, Ohio, (Columbus, Ohio) on November 14, 15, 2014.

Please visit our web site, www.theprophecyforum.com, for details about the conference.

In one week we will be announcing our confirmed speakers.  Our team is very excited about this first-ever conference produced by THE PROPHECY FORUM under current leadership.  Many other events are brewing.  This event will be very focused on the upheavals around the world and how the earth-shaking events fit into Bible prophecy.  Tickets will go on sale next week for those able to travel and … Read More