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The conventional scenario of how prophetic events from the Bible will play out has changed. During the first two decades of the Twenty-first Century, dramatic developments have shaken the usual interpretation of what will happen as Bible prophecy is fulfilled.  Just like the Great London Fire of 1666 (pictured above) which caused panic and apocalyptic fervor, people around the world have been shaken by unprecedented happenings: the global pandemic, the crashing of the world economy, the new threat of nuclear war between the superpowers, and continued unrest in the Middle East which could trigger such a war.

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Noted author, screenwriter, and speaker, Brian Godawa appeared with me today on the Parker J. Cole’s show “Parker’s Comparables”.  We discussed and debated which understanding of eschatology Best fits the prophetic assertions of the Bible. It was a fast 120 minutes exploring the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24, Jesus’ predictions for what would happen within a generation of his pronouncements and, from my point of view, beyond.

Today was Parker’s birthday and she indicated that our coming together to discuss the topic was our gift to her.  Of course, Brian and I may benefit most by becoming acquainted and by learning … Read More

Daniel 70 Weeks – A New and Accurate Analysis of When Messiah Came

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An Analysis and Critique of William Struse’s
Daniel’s 70 Weeks: The Keystone of Bible Prophecy (Prophecies & Patterns Book 2)

By S. Douglas Woodward

A Tough Tackle but Worth the Effort

William Struse tackles tough issues. His books deal with some of the most complex mysteries of the scripture. Consequently, when readers open one of his volumes, they need to buckle the chinstrap on their intellectual helmet and brace for impact!

In his most recent book, Daniel’s 70 Weeks: The Keystone of Bible Prophecy

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