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Doug Krieger and myself were pleased to spend an hour with Rick Wiles, the host of TruNews.  Rick discusses the possible surveillance of his ministry location in Vera Beach, Florida for about 10 minutes, and then he brings us onto the international broadcast.

We discussed our new book, UNCOMMON SENSE:  A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR TEH CHURCH IN BABYLON.  The conversation is direct, hard-hitting, and focused on scriptural references to THE DAUGHTER OF BABYLON from Jeremiah 50, 51.

We are confident you will find the hour time well-spent.  Here is the link. 

Let Doug and I know what you think.

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I want to make everyone aware of the new video for THE PROPHECY FORUM’S conference, A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, November 14,15, in Dublin (Columbus) Ohio.  We are so blessed to have Gonzo Shimura, a great talent, to be a Director with us who has such awesome film and graphics skills.  Please take a look at the 4 minute video which is exciting and informational…


Also note the information below about the conference.

Note also:  The conference is now limited to 400 attendees (in person tickets) and we are already 80% sold out (320 tickets sold).  … Read More

Quality Review of BLOOD MOON on Amazon by William Struse

I found this review of my book to be fair.  William and I have communicated after I read his review and he was fine with me sharing this on my post.   I believe William’s biggest disagreement stems from the timing of the Rapture and an interpretation in Daniel 9:24-27, which challenges the traditional view of ‘who the covenant is with’ and the nature of its being broken.  Nevertheless, William is a strong believer and does a very nice job on his reviews.

If you have read BLOOD MOON, please do provide a review (good, bad, or neutral) on Amazon.  … Read More

How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 2

How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 2

 President Roosevelt did not brief Truman on the investigations into Dulles and the Attorney General, both of whom were retained by Truman after Roosevelt’s death. What President Truman also did not know was that FDR permitted British assassination teams to murder pro-Nazi American businessmen in New York. Mention of the American-Nazi collaboration and the British assassination teams were censored from the original edition of this book, along with any mention of the Vatican’s role in laundering Nazi money back to the American corporate investors.

John Loftus, America’s Nazi Read More

How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 1

The book, THE FINAL BABYLON, which I was privileged to write with my co-authors Douglas W. Krieger and Dene McGriff, focused on why the Bible discloses (in many different respects) that the United States of America comprises Mystery Babylon. It has been, by most measures of independent books, a grand success. A SEQUEL IS IN THE WORKS. However, the topic of the ‘sins of America’ are not discussed in much detail in that book. That was covered in detail in the previous books I had written, POWER QUEST, BOOK ONE, and POWER QUEST BOOK TWO. These volumes are ‘heavy’ Read More