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The deal I discuss below is from GodSpeed Magazine.  It promotes the work of Colonel David Giammona and best-selling author Troy Anderson.

Full Disclosure: I am working with the Colonel, Troy, and a number of other notable Christian leaders as part of a team to build an education ministry to prepare the Church for the difficult days ahead. This book lies at the center of the effort. While I will teach the material in 2021, I serve as the CFO for the company helping to prepare our operations.


Take a close look.  To take advantage of
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Daniel 70 Weeks – A New and Accurate Analysis of When Messiah Came

William Struse’s  book, discussed here, on Kindle now for only $2.99.
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An Analysis and Critique of William Struse’s
Daniel’s 70 Weeks: The Keystone of Bible Prophecy (Prophecies & Patterns Book 2)

By S. Douglas Woodward

A Tough Tackle but Worth the Effort

William Struse tackles tough issues. His books deal with some of the most complex mysteries of the scripture. Consequently, when readers open one of his volumes, they need to buckle the chinstrap on their intellectual helmet and brace for impact!

In his most recent book, Daniel’s 70 Weeks: The Keystone of Bible Prophecy

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