How do we intensify our relationship with God? How do we love Him more? What do we do to have God speak to us – consciously – and sometimes audibly?


In this week’s episode of the Hot Seat, I interview friend Denny Bryan, an Iowan who has a spectacular testimony of living in close communion with Jesus Christ, through the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have come to know Denny since May, 2021 (less than six months now). He has been married almost the same length of time as myself (he and Marcy have been together for 47 years). I have spoken twice at his community church in New Sharon Iowa – called ‘The Iowa Huddle.’

Denny will be 67 in January. He is five months younger than me. That’s why Denny calls me ‘the old geiser.” Denny’s testimony demonstrates that it isn’t because we are ‘holy’ that God engages with us. It is due to His Grace and to our sincere and deep love for God. Indeed, we must all ask ourselves, “Do we ask God to increase our love for Him?” Do we pray more for wealth and health, or more for God to fill our hearts with greater love for Him? Denny’s life is a witness to the importance of seeking to love God more.

He has a big impact in his region and counsels (a term he doesn’t like – I suggested ‘life coach’ and he likes that better). He is deeply loved and appreciated by all who get to know him.  His wife Marcy is a gem. She is a hostess with the mostest. I gain weight every time I pay them a visit (which they are only too happy to share food and lodging!)

Denny’s testimony is a powerful one.  He is a man who struggled to find God, lose his relationship with God, and then regain it — a number of times. And despite his sins – smoking, gambling, and unfaithfulness – God would bring Denny back, when Denny would confess his sins and seek God’s forgiveness. That forgiveness was always plentiful. Marcy is a true saint for supporting Denny and loving him faithfully despite the many challenges they’ve lived through together.

Denny loves God and it is obvious that God loves Denny. Today, Denny clings to life. He has had COPD for over four years. Recently he had Covid. Despite two near death experience, Denny has survived. But his story of how he survived and the miracles needed to keep him alive, is fascinating. Denny is a real guy and his story is real. You will enjoy it. Do say a prayer for Denny and Marcy. Denny’s health is literally ‘touch and go’ – but the LORD seems to keep him around for us to enjoy.

Let Denny and I know what you think.  He would love to have you ask him questions. Feel free to make comments on the YouTube channel video (comments section).  Denny can respond to your comments there.

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