The second 30 minutes television interview I did with Prophecy in the News was too controversial for the GEB network.  It definitely is one where I didn’t hold back on making clear why I wrote LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET:  EXPOSING THE LIE OF ANCIENT ALIENS.  I think the program will grab a lot of attention. Controversy and censorship is usually good to garner more views.  Let’s see how that works out!

But, as usual, I don’t speculate that much.  I just tell the audience the truth as recorded in historical documents (newspapers, books, older periodicals).  The truth will set you free and sometimes get you kicked off of television — even Christian television if you go too far and “tell it like it is.”  With my friend the intrepid host L.A. Marzulli (who wrote the Foreword to this book), we had an earlier PITN program censored.  Some Christians don’t like talk about Nephilim, UFOs, and the Coming Great Deception.  Perhaps they would rather soft peddle the coming of Antichrist and have Christians be sitting ducks for media mind control.  What do you think?  If you would like to express your opinion to GEB directly, here is a link to their home page where you can send an email.  Love to see opinions expressed regarding their failure to present opinions that may vary from their own.  Censorship is bad, especially when it is being done by Christian TV.

Please share this short blog with others and the link to the TV program.  This episode is only available now on YouTube.  Here is the link:

The YouTube shows are searchable by using LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET.  You should see a Part One and a Part Two.  Both are necessary to get a full picture of what the book is driving at, why it was written, and why it is important for Christians to be apprised of what is happening with the whole Ancient Alien phenomenon.


The shows will both be airing sequentially over the next few weeks around the country on the Church Channel and various independent networks and TV stations.  See Prophecy in the News for a complete listing of times and channels.

I will be working with L.A. to see if I can get an invite to several prominent Internet and Nation-wide radio shows.  Prayers for springing open these doors would be most appreciated.  My friend Daniel Duval and I will be recording an interview tomorrow for TruNews where Daniel now works.  This will likely be aired next week.  More about that soon!  Blessings.


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