Mondo Gonzales and I discuss CERN for 37 minutes. Whoa!   If you are fascinated by the notion of the nature of reality… and what today’s scientists are researching, I am sure you will want to check this out.

We deal with the real science and as well  as the amazing myths associated with CERN and particular physics. Just how true are the claims of OCCULT involvement at the “Large Hadron Collider” (LHC)?  I explain.

As I’ve had time to study, I believe I keep it simple and help the viewer make sense of what is really going on at CERN.  You should enjoy this and be a lot wiser for what is real and what isn’t.

PLUS, I AM WORKING, FINALLY, ON THE NEXT BOOK.  It is the second part of REVISING REALITY.  I will be attempting to refute all the falsehoods of today’s astrophysics (like the Big Bang, Dark Matter, expanding universe, etc.).  When will I get it out?  My family and I have had so many health issues this summer I’m 3 months behind my plan.  So that means, I should have the book done before Christmas.  Maybe Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the video. I have copies of the CERN DVD and Revising Reality Part 1 in my store.  And I’m doing a special bundle of the books and DVDs for the next few months or so. The regular price for the two items is $34.95.  They are on sale for $28.00.  While mail is charged, I only charge about 50% the actual price for mailing whether it is Priority (US Mail) or Media Mail. So I try to keep the price down.

You can also purchase them at Prophecy Watchers.  Do support their ministry.  They are super important to me being able to write and share with you my followers.

The book, Revising Reality Part One, is also available at Amazon and at LuLu.

The LORD bless you on this Sabbath Day (for those of us who are Greek-listing Christians).


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