revising-reality-front-cover-09-12-2016My friend, Doug Riggs, sent out this notice to his mailing list announcing the availability of a condensed version of the interview Anthony Patch and I did with Joe and Doug Hagmann.  It highlights the generosity of another friend, John Mark (, who took the 3 hour interview Wednesday before last (September 14, 2016) and separated it into 3 segments compressing each into shorter timeframes. As Doug notes, the last segment (28 minutes) was particularly intense. However, the whole interview was scintillating (according to many who listened).

I invite you to check out the abbreviated interview (s).  If this grabs you, please move on to either the 3 hour interview on YouTube or the Hagmann’s website… OR listen to a 2 hour 20 minute condensed version also edited and assembled by John Mark. JM’s renditions are audio only.  The original is audio/video.


Dear Friends,

I recently listened to this original 3 hour information packed interview with Anthony Patch and Douglas Woodward. I requested that John Mark, our web administrator edit this interview from its original 3 hour format originally presented in three 1 hour segments. The complete interview (2 hours 20 minutes) is filled with ground breaking commentary by these authors new book Revising Reality: A Biblical Look into the Cosmos (Volume 1)

The 3rd hour will give you an astonishing overview of the present day link with the occult significance of CERN, Nimrod, Tower of Babel and the coming reign of the Anti-Christ and much more! If you only have time to listen to a part of this original interview the 3rd hour is provided as a ‘teaser’ for this outstanding interview.






Edited and condensed from the 3rd hour of Revising Reality with Anthony Patch & Douglas Woodward on The Hagmann Report – 9_14_16

Revising Reality with Anthony Patch & Douglas Woodward on The Hagmann Report – 9_14_16 

Edited and condensed (2 hour 20 min.)

Join us tonight (9-14-2016) for an information packed show as we interview Douglas Woodward and Anthony Patch, two of the four co-authors of Revising Reality – A Biblical Look into The Cosmos.Anthony Patch is a leading authority on CERN and author of two novels focused on the mysteries of quantum computing.  S Douglas Woodward, author of over a dozen books, appears often on television and radio.

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