Revising Reality: A Biblical Look into the Cosmos


MOST AMERICANS ARE UNAWARE THAT LIFE AS THEY KNOW IT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE—FOREVER. Europe and the U.S. have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in response to the invasion of Russian military forces into eastern Ukraine and Crimea. The Ukraine is immersed in a civil war between pro– and anti-Russian factions. Heading into its second year, the U.S. and Russia are entangled in a dangerous war of words escalating to include deployment of further American military forces in Eastern Europe. What’s more concerning: Russia has dedicated 2,000 tactical “nukes” to this arena and announced the deployment of 40 new strategic ballistic missiles capable of striking America’s homeland. As its conventional military hardware grows incapacitated from physical decay and technological obsolescence, nuclear armaments become the mainstay of strategic Russian defense. Being Russia’s only strategic alternative, their use becomes much more plausible. Plus, with the decline of the Russian Ruble and plunging oil prices during 2015, Russia finds itself in economic turmoil. Adding to this tense situation, Russian leaders grow increasingly paranoid believing that the C.I.A. foments ‘color revolutions’ throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Eurasia. In short, Russia sees itself under attack from the U.S. on all fronts—and running out of time. Will this apprehension trigger nuclear war in Europe? Will it cause Russia to launch nuclear missiles targeting the United States? Could this happen within just a few short years? Or sooner?