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What difference would it make to the great stories of the first eleven chapters of Genesis if the Chronologies of Genesis 5 and 11 were seen in light of the additional 1,500 years in the Septuagint?  The answer would stun you.  While the inerrancy of the Bible isn’t affected, the way we understand the stories changes greatly.

Who brought evil into the world?  Who led the rebellion at Babel? How vast was the empire of Nimrod? How did Nimrod die? What was Egypt like when Abraham went to live there? With Peleg’s birth, the world was divided. But what was the nature of this division? Was the Flood of Noah regional or global? Did all the world’s races develop through the three sons of Noah? Was Gilgamesh Nimrod? How old does the Septuagint say the world is?  Was there a race of humans before Adam and Eve?



Aligning Biblical Chronology with Mesopotamia and Egypt

Recasting the Great Stories of Genesis 1-11 Based Upon the Corrected Chronology of the Septuagint (which adds 1,500 years to the Genesis Timeline).

Indisputable Proof the Chronology of the Protestant Bible is Wrong and Must Be Replaced by the Chronology of the Septuagint.