The bundle of the book, Revising Reality: A Biblical Look at the Cosmos, and CERN DECODED: The Mysteries of Its Science, Its Devastating Dangers, and Its Occulted Agenda.  Both at a special price.  You won’t see the world in the same way ever again.

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The mysterious Hadron Collider.  The ‘God Particle’.  The Occult purposes behind it.  The Black Cube.  The Cult of Saturn.

All of these are taken up in this analysis of how the prophetic picture of reality influences our understanding of the universe.  It challenges the existing scientific wisdom which excludes the supernatural dimension. But if there is a connection between the natural and supernatural, if angels exist, if the Nephilim were hybrid creatures, what we think about the universe must be re-examined.  These two products, one book and one DVD, provide the alternative view–one that stands consistent with biblical Christianity.

The regular price for these two is close to $40.00. But bundled together, they are $30.00 plus $8.00 for USPS 2-day mail.