CERN: A Cosmic Journey from the Rings of CERN to the Rings of SATURN


A 123-MINUTE DVD discussing all the issues from the rings of CERN to the rings of SATURN… and why occultists likely believe there is a connection.




Anthony Patch, noted authority on the Hadron collider known as CERN, discusses the spiritual and physical attributes of the amazing machine used to discover the smallest particles in the universe, including the so-called “God Particle.” The dangers of the collider are highlighted which include physical as well as spiritual threats. Will CERN play a part in the arising of the Antichrist? ¬†Will it open a portal to the “other side” and allow nefarious entities into our world? Will it cause massive earthquakes or other global changes as its power continues to increase? What is the mysterious connection to the “black cube”, CERN, and the planet SATURN? Why are occultists so engaged with the physics of humanity’s mighteous-ever machine?