Blood Moon: Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse


Are the blood moons of 2014-2015 portents of pending calamitous events in the Middle East? Are they true harbingers of doomsday? Is the apocalypse foretold in the books of Daniel and Revelation coming to pass in our lifetime? Just how important is belief in the return of Jesus Christ to the Christian faith? Does Bible Prophecy have any relevance to the way Christians live their lives in the twenty-first century? What did Jesus mean by the coming of the Kingdom of God? Are there authentic heavenly signs of the apocalypse that can tell us when the end of the age is?
S. Douglas Woodward, best-selling author of seven books on eschatology, theology, and the religious history of America brings his acute analytical skill and decades of biblical study to the hot topic of the ‘blood moon’ prophecies. His effort brings a mature, seasoned perspective to this subject and as such, delivers an enduring classic on eschatology destined to be a cherished inspirational resource and vital prophetic reference for many years to come.

In Blood Moon: Biblical Signs of the Apocalypse, Woodward examines the Blood Moon Prophecy as articulated by Mark Biltz and John Hagee. He also evaluates the criticisms of Mark Hitchcock and Chris White. Woodward finds a middle ground, identifying why the Blood Moon Prophecy is likely to be authentic, but cautions against accepting its validity without the test of time. Woodward points out many reasons to find cause for belief and many reasons that it legitimately could be questioned.

Woodward evaluates the nature of biblical signs by studying the phrase signs and wonders as used in both the Old Testament (Hebrew and Aramaic) and in the New Testament (Greek). He also evaluates the issues of whether biblical signs of the apocalypse must all be supernatural–showing why many may be ‘natural’ in terms of astronomical events that are unusual but not paranormal acts.

The heart of the book, however, is an apologetic for why the study and adherence to the Kingdom of God (and the apocalypse it implies) is mandated by the words of Jesus Christ. His followers MUST keep watch–always. He finds surprising corroboration in modern liberal theology and disconcerting denials in evangelicalism.

Woodward professes belief in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church. In Blood Moon, he argues forcefully for this interpretation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Likewise, Woodward affirms faith in what is known as the ‘Ruin and Restoration’ Theory for God’s creation (aka The Gap Theory). Readers will find substantial evidence for this point of view from an analysis of 2 Peter’s statement concerning ‘scoffers’ in the last days.

Blood Moon is a consummate prophecy book–perhaps the most well-written argument for the importance of biblical prophecy to the Christian faith that has been written in the past several decades.

Of all the books on the blood moon prophecy, Woodward’s will be the most memorable and influential over the long term. It is a must read for all students of eschatology.