AMERICAN REQUIEM: Why the US Falls in the Last Days


The latest book by S Douglas Woodward addressing the secular world’s assessment of America’s dark future as well as analyzing the symbolism of Revelation which speaks to the likelihood of there being “three Babylons” of which the United States is first Babylon to be destroyed at the beginning of the War of Gog and Magog.



There has been a great debate for the last 20 years regarding the place of the US in Bible prophecy.  Some maintain that it is absent, others suggest that it is the exclusive ‘Babylon’ of the endgames.

Neither position is accurate.  The US is likely the Daughter of Babylon identified in Jeremiah 50-51, the Psalms, and Zechariah. But the full story of Babylon in Bible Prophecy requires some extensive exegesis which S Douglas Woodward provides in this volume.

However, most of the book assesses what the factors are which lead him to believe that the US will collapse in the near-term. He draws upon secular experts as well as biblical scholars to develop his thesis. This book will shake up those asleep.

With a Foreword by Col. David J. Giammona, US ARMY, Ret., former head of all US Army chaplains worldwide.