I am so pleased with the intelligent and fair review of our book by stalwart scholar and friend, Terry James, from his site, RaptureReady.com.   My co-authors and I had a chance to also do a radio interview with Terry and we got along famously.  He is a gentleman and a scholar, truly!  Please enjoy reading his review:


A book review of THE FINAL BABYLON by Terry James

Two of the most asked questions when we who speak on Bible prophecy open up the forums for questions and answers are: Is America mentioned in Bible prophecy? And do you think

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DECODING DOOMSDAY – Now in eBook Format

I’m very pleased to announce that my book, DECODING DOOMSDAY, is now available in eBook format.  AT THIS TIME it is available on Kindle and on LULU.  Within 2-3 weeks it will be available as an iBook and on Barnes & Noble’s eReader.

The book has been re-subtitled too.  The new sub-title is THE QUEST TO DISCOVER THE DATE THE WORLD ENDS.  Some features:  A new cover, the inclusion of many hyperlinks, and most of the 70 pictures in the book are now is color.  Given my propensity to utilize footnotes to provide documentation and additional detail, the eBook format … Read More


The 30-minute interview I did with Gary Stearman on THE FINAL BABYLON (written with my co-authors Douglas Krieger and Dene McGriff) has been airing across the country on DirecTV, the Church Network, and many independent Christian stations.

Today it is posted as the featured video on PROPHECY IN THE NEWS website (click HERE).

Bob Ulrich indicates this may become one of the more popular programs aired in recent memory.  If you haven’t had a chance to view it, it would be great if you can and let us know what you think.

The subject is controversial.  It is also … Read More


The Contrarian Prophetic Scenario

(From The Final Babylon)

Rome Has Not Revived

To contradict a mentor is a painful act.  When you choose to do so in the cause of truth, it is best to first acknowledge how much you respect and revere the one that taught you so much.

In this book, not only do we contradict one of our most valued mentors, we challenge three of them.  We take no pleasure in calling a particular aspect of their teaching into question.  However, in doing so we know we are not without the company and support of other … Read More


Psychic Reality and Life on Mars

At the end of the nineteenth century, many people – if not most – believed intelligent life existed on Mars.  Not only was the idea of smart Martians deemed conservative amongst the masses, it satisfied the more discriminating tastes of the intelligentsia too.  In fact, it was as fashionable to believe in human beings living on Mars as it was to believe in levitating tables and invisible spirits rapping on wood.  Such “parlor tricks” were highlights amongst the enlightened visions as well as the esoteric entertainment sought by the rich and famous.  Rest assured, … Read More

Bible Prophecy, Geopolitical Analysis, Theological History

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