Wireless Transmissions and Martian Deception

On Halloween Eve, October 30, 1938, actor and writer, Orson Welles established the most famous connection ever between Mars and wireless technology.  But it was far from the most provocative.  The broadcast of H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds (1898), scared the pants off at least one million Americans, especially in the northeast United States.  Orson Welles changed H.G. Wells’ place names from England to New York and rendered the broadcast in the manner of a live eyewitness.  By doing so, the program transfixed its listeners.[1]  Wireless technology in its then most … Read More


Victorian Visions of Mars

“The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance – the idea that anything is possible.”  – Ray Bradbury

Readers may recall the astronomer Percival Lowell (1855-1916) who, with the aid of his trusty telescope, first wrote about (and drew so creatively) the canals of Mars.  Whatever he lacked in scientific precision he made up for with an astronomical imagination. Indeed, Lowell was a giant in planetary astronomy.  His most notable scientific achievement is associated not with Mars, but with another far more distant planetary body.  During his professional life, Lowell searched meticulously for … Read More


Yesterday, in collaboration with REMA Marketing in London, U.K., we published SUPERNATURAL AMERICA, which is a refomatting and representation of material from Power Quest Book One.  It’s sub-title is The Tragedy of the United States.

The set of five reports has considerable eye appeal.  It has been developed to reach both believers and unbelievers with the alternative history of America.  Each report includes a considerable number of illustrations to make the material highly accessible to readers, especially those drawn to read information on the Internet.

Please click HERE for a link to the web site.  Also note the many … Read More


Just the Facts Mam

What would it take to prove to science and to our culture that intelligent life exists on another world?  Mind you:  the issue isn’t whether the world in question circles a faraway star or is a mere moon orbiting a nearby planet.  The matter is whether any remote heavenly body hosts life of the intelligent kind.

Goodness knows, many readers would assert that UFOs should have done the trick.  After all, the substantiation of unidentified flying objects goes well beyond hearsay.  With thousands of photographs published, tens of thousands of witnessed sightings down through the ages,

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The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

By Doug Krieger

S. Douglas Woodward’s unfamiliar but undeniable biblical thesis upon which I am pleased to provide comment is simply this:  the seat of the future Antichrist resides in the Babylon of the Last Days – and this “Babylon the Great” is none other than the United States of America.  For most readers, this assertion is so unexpected that on the surface it seems the greatest of defamations – so much so that from the political Right one presumes to hear, “America, love it or leave it;” while from the Left,

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