What the BIBLE Tells Us About Nimrod

The following article is a sneak peek of the research being done for Rebooting the Bible, Part 2. (RTB, Part 2) Nimrod’s story as given to us from biblical revelation in Genesis 10 and 11, combined with archeology from ancient times in Mesopotamia, tells us what we can hold true about Nimrod – and dispels the many myths Evangelicals in the Bible Prophecy community today believe about him based on two books:  The Book of Jasher and The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. This 2,000 word article comes from a 17,000 word mega-chapter developed for RTB, Part 2.

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More Than the Antichrist Archetype?

One of the most intriguing characters in the Old Testament is Nimrod, son of Cush, and grandson of Ham. His name often comes up as the archetype of the Antichrist. It turns out that when we dig into the story surrounding Nimrod, there is much more to be said about his importance than just the speculation that he might be figure who arises again in the last days (“who was, is not, but will be again” – Revelation 17:8) as the Antichrist.

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How We Keep Watch: Why Date Setting Fails

[This article was originally written in 2013 with significant updates present day, in 2019. It is far more relevant today than 6 years ago. I challenge you, if you are a believer in the Second Coming of Christ, to read the full article and consider its implications for your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.]

False Prophets Pick Dates

When any notable advocate for the apocalyptic teaching of the Bible stoops to predict a date for ‘the end of the world as we know it,’ it peaks the interest of the press.  This past month we saw yet another example … Read More


Perhaps the most incredible argument against the historical validity of the Septuagint (as a third-to-second-century-B.C. creation) is this: It was fabricated, following rather than preceding the composition of the New Testament (NT). It’s a heated area of debate because the King-James-only argument stands or falls based on when the LXX translation was commenced and completed. A valid LXX puts the King James Version at odds with itself, i.e., the two KJV Testaments really don’t agree with one another!

[The following is drawn from an Appendix to A BIOGRAPHY OF THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE.] 

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Perhaps an important way to get the big picture of the Christian message is to treat the New Testament as a book, and review it in a manner that the typical book review does. The following post conveys the usual overview of the salient points in a book review and how it “all hangs together.”  This article is actually taken from A BIOGRAPHY OF THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE. This is my most recent book and focuses on its composition and transmission.  If you don’t believe the Bible to be trustworthy, you would do well to read the book.  You might come Read More

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