My wife Donna and I are moving to Minnesota to be with our daughter and grandson.  It’s been crazy during the month of April. But all this craziness should be resolved around May 3 when we move in to a new apartment.  It will take me a bit of time to find my stuff and inventory in order to be shipping books.

If you need immediate service, do use or Prophecy Watchers.  If you are looking for REBOOTING THE BIBLE, you’ll need to use Amazon or wait for me to get settled.

Things are starting to spin up and its an exciting time.  Be looking for three more shows with Gary Stearman during the months of May and June (all recorded and awaiting air time).  They will be broadcast on DayStar (global access) and from

Plans are for me to do an interview with Sean Stone (recording on May 5… not sure on the air date).  Sean is Oliver Stone’s son who does a great job on dealing with tough political and ‘fringe’ topics. He’s a brave young man and does a great service.

THE HOT SEAT is just getting started.  Lots of great interviews to come. No shortage of terrific guests.

Blessings to everyone.  Pray for Donna and I to have a safe journey and a successful move-in.