I am so pleased to announce significant updates to THE PROPHECY FORUM conference in Columbus Ohio on November 14,15.  Please read the following press release!

For Immediate Release, October 6, 2014:


THE PROPHECY FORUM announced significant developments regarding its conference to be held in Dublin, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio) to take place on November 14-15, 2014. The conference is entitled A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN:  DECODING THE DRAMATIC NEW SIGNS HASTENING THE LORD’S RETURN. Topics will address the startling events making headlines today.

Five new speakers have been added to seven others already announced. Newly announced speakers participating in the conference include Joe and Doug Hagmann, Greg Evensen, as well as Ohioans Russ Dizdar and Dave Daubenmire. Current plans call for the Friday night edition of Hagmann and Hagmann to be aired from the conference in front of a live audience.

This impressive group of evangelical leaders joins previously announced keynote speakers Bill Koenig and Bill Salus, as well as Prophecy Forum directors, John Haller, Douglas Krieger, Gonzo Shimura, Gary Winkelman, and S. Douglas Woodward. Rick Wiles of TruNews will also be featured via video feed from TruNews offices in Florida.


The total number of presentations at the conference has been increased from 20 to 25. Sessions to be “live streamed” have been increased from 12 to 16. Total capacity has been increased from 300 to 500 seats. Prices for the conference have remained the same, however, at $54.95 for tickets to the event ($79.95 per couple), and $29.95 for live streaming. Promotional codes are now offered at select websites providing a $5.00 discount on live tickets and 15% off streaming.  Those desiring to attend in person should be aware that unofficial information concerning these additional speakers has already increased the pace of ticket sales. It is anticipated that the conference will be sold out. Tickets are on sale at

Details:  The conference begins at 1:00 PM Friday November 14 (doors open at 11:00 AM).  On Saturday, the second day, the conference begins at 8 AM.  The conference is being hosted at the Dublin Community Center, a beautiful facility there.  For those who attend live or via streaming, a DVD set will be produced and offered at substantial discount.  (Interviews conducted at the conference with the featured speakers are also to be included in the set).

What is THE PROPHECY FORUM (TPF)? TPF is a newly-formed organization composed of five senior and studied individuals who have combined efforts to identify and present high interest topics to Bible Prophecy devotees. As stated when announcing the formation of its ministry, TPF “intends to differentiate [its] ministry by providing cohesive messages at its conferences (often following a symposium format) with special attention to how attendees [in person or via streaming] can put what they learn into practice as well as unite to increase their impact upon society wherever they physically live and work.”

Conclusion:  Detailed information about THE PROPHECY FORUM is available at the TPF website, It is frequently updated and provides additional details about TPF leadership, conference schedules, and Statement of Faith. Please contact Doug Woodward, President, at  to inquire about becoming a financial partner with THE PROPHECY FORUM. Members of the press should contact Gary Winkelman at, TPF’s Director of Marketing and Communications, for questions about the upcoming conference or general questions about TPF. Inquirers regarding our Statement of Faith, please contact Douglas Krieger, TPF Theologian-in-residence, THE PROPHECY FORUM welcomes any questions about its theological viewpoint and Christian comm

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