They broke through the fog of what we’ve been taught about the universe and connected the dots of some of the great galactic mysteries of today.  Anthony Patch who has researched CERN for decades has gone public with his arresting insights about the greatest machine ever built, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva known as CERN. S. Douglas Woodward brought together Patch with Josh Peck and Gonzo Shimura to create one of the most startling narratives in the Christian community.  Stan Deyo offers an astonishing Foreword.  The book:  REVISING REALITY–A BIBLICAL LOOK INTO THE COSMOS, Vol. 1

Paul McGuire, a leading spokesperson for the Prophecy community within the Evangelical Church, provided this summary assessment:  “From the unbridled quest to exploit quantum science, to engaging supernatural entities, a mind-blowing exposé of the Cosmos.”

The program suns three hours and is available by linking from my “Recent Interviews” list on my main page.  It is posted on the Hagmann and Hagmann report.  And its available on YouTube.

Here we are also making it available, through the courtesy of friend John Mark (from, who compressed the audio portion of the program into an MP3.  He took out a considerable amount of the quiet time and superfluous chatting, making it run about 2 hours 20 minutes (from 3 hours). You might more likely have time for this version, especially if you want to spin it off to a CDR and play in the car, or link to it and play it through your iPhone via Bluetooth in your car (for the lucky ones that have it).

Here’s the link (it is a 67 MB file, so if you download rather than stream it, it will take a couple of minutes to “bring it home”).  Click here.  

There are many remarkable disclosures in the interview and it provides an introduction into what we believe will be one of the most important non-fiction books of the year for Christians and especially those who are intrigued by Bible prophecy.  Hope you make time for it!