Many conservative libertarian citizens having been placing their hopes in the mysterious ‘Q’ – but is the movement running out of steam?  Should we hope that ‘Q’s’ predictions about draining the swamp might still come true?

I have been watching with interest the posts and the decoding for months.  I’ve never believed that Q is a ‘LARP’ (Live Action Role Player).  Nor have I believed it was a ‘psyop’. I have never been that cynical.

My analysis has led me to believe Q is a consortium of 2 or more individuals, probably with ties to Defense Intelligence and possibly Gen. Mike Flynn, as a sincere effort to keep Trump supporters informed about what is happening behind the scenes.  The mainstream media is antagonistic to Trump.  And there is no way to get the word out.  So Q was a great idea.

Now, we all get inpatient.  We all want to see real change.  Possibly about 40% of Americans, have little hope that our government will change for the better.  Q seemed to be the focal point for insider information that assured us real progress was being made and the Trump “revolution” to drain the swamp could be efficacious – we might really see the white hats win and the bad guys go to jail.

But the energy has dissipated and the trends have discouraged me greatly, leading me to believe that the swamp creatures are winning.  I never had much respect for Trump personally.  He is a broken vessel.  But he had caught wind of the sentiment of the populace and their yearning for a government that served the people and not the elite or their corporations. He appeared to be an outsider. Maybe he could muster enough momentum to make some real changes. I was hesitant, however, because there were some really significant ties back to the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s. His Agriculture Secretary, Wilbur Wright, had been President of Rothchild’s American company for many years.  And it was these elite who bailed out Trump when he lost his shirt at the Taj Mahal in New Jersey some years ago.

However, for me, the appointment of John Bolton to the National Security Advisor post was a flashing yellow light.  Bolton has always been a hawk – a neocon’s neocon.  Then Bolton’s recent contradiction of Trump’s assertion that America would be pulling its troops out of Syria, has more than anything else, caused me to believe that Trump has become a paper tiger.  Secretary Pompeo’s strong words in support of traditional U.S. foreign policy planks, also reinforced the same theme. Strong support of Israel (okay) – war against Iran (not okay).  Trump is little more than a mouthpiece. The Mockingbird Media dominates still. America isn’t changing. The CIA still looms as the real shadow government.

The inability of Trump to get the wall built, and his decision to work through Congress rather than using available but non-allocated funds in the Defense budget to get the wall-building started, has made me wonder if the Defense Department has simply said, “Keep your hands off the money – we have plans for how we will use it.”

This past week’s strong interference in the politics of the sovereign state of Venezuela, just announcing who the U.S. recognizes as the President someone who didn’t even run for the office, was another bolt out of the blue. As far as America is concerned, meet the new boss – same as the old boss. The U.S. has dominated Central and South American politics aggressively for decades. Just read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.

Granted, we have reasons to demand regime change in Venezuela, given the corruption and despicable actions of Maduro, and the flight of millions of Venezuelan citizens.  But we are on the cusp of taking military action.  And Russia is threatening to respond if we take military action.  Apparently Venezuela owes $10 billion to the Russians and $60 billion to the Chinese. They don’t intend for the U.S. to take control and cancel the debts. All of this activity begs the question, “What are we really trying to do?  Is this just taking action to reinforce the Monroe Doctrine? Or is something else going on?”

Regardless, returning to Q once again, the Q posts on 8chan have dwindled.  The last activity was on 1-13-19, and the last energetic activity was on 1-5-19.  Why so quiet?

My theory is this:  Trump isn’t winning.  Q isn’t able to make predictions that will come to pass anymore.  The FISA Warrants never came out.  The Unsealed Indictments are still Unsealed. There are no new signs of progress against human trafficking. And, as I’ve shown above, we are back to where the Military-Industrial conflict seems to be dominating things. While there continues to be a lot of drama around ousting Trump, it is also possible that the DEMs realize that if they play their cards right, they are only 2 years away from retaking the White House.  No assassination or impeachment proceeding is necessary.

What do you think?  Is Q losing steam?  Is Trump faltering?  I’d like to hear from you.



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