Interview today with Rick Wiles of TruNews – A Stunning Discussion

The discussion was to focus on my new book, BLOOD MOON: BIBLICAL SIGNS OF THE COMING APOCALYPSE.  But we spoke at length about the crisis in Iraq, ISIS, the blood letting, the coming of the Imam Mahdi and the role of America in the last days.

Rick took us down some challenging paths in our discussion.  He was strongly inferring that our current President is Islamic, is a Jihadist in the White House, and is likely the fulfillment of the Antichrist prophecies.  Wow!  A few quotes.  “He has aided and supported the Muslim brotherhood.”  “Obama has released five of the bloodiest Muslim terrorists”  “Run the clock out on Iran to give time for Iran to build a nuclear bomb.”  “He is the ultimate Jihadist.” “The United States has been penetrated at the highest level.” “It is too late to save America.”

You might want to listen.  It is a tough talk.  He got me all riled up too!   You won’t fall asleep.  Enjoy.  WARNING:  Don’t listen to this too late at night… it will keep you awake.

Blood Moon Interview with Rick Wiles on TruNews 6-16-14
Blood Moon Interview with Rick Wiles on TruNews 6-16-14


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