Interview: The Corruption of the Primeval Chronology of the Bible


This past Monday night, I was the guest of Chad Schafer of Disputed Lands for Part 3 of “drill down” sessions on Rebooting the Bible. We take it deliberately throughout his Internet show to cover why and how the Bible (i.e., the Masoretic Text) was changed about 100-110 AD by Rabbi Akiba to obscure the case for Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ.

If you want a peek at the timeline and how the Septuagint corrects the chronology, grab a cup of coffee and listen in.

oh, He reason I’m in bed is I’m recovering from back surgery to relieve a great deal of pain I’ve lived with this past two years and straighten a very crooked spine made so due to wearing a prosthesis for the past fifty years.  The operation appears to be a success but it will be quite a few weeks before I’m able to ambulate normally and be good as new.  Your prayers are sought and appreciated.

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