I was privileged to be interviewed by Derek Gilbert recently on his excellent radio show, View from the Bunker.  You can find this interview by clicking HERE.

We discussed my most recent book, UNCOMMON SENSE:  A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR THE CHURCH IN BABYLON.  Like other manifestos (one thinks of Marx’s Communist Manifesto or Hitler’s Mein Kampf ), this manifesto comprises a recap of “where are we?”, “how did we get here?”, and “what do we need to be doing now?”

UNCOMMON SENSE:  A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon
UNCOMMON SENSE: A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon

We discussed the false agenda’s of progressivism which proclaims implicitly:

  1. We need more government,
  2. We need fewer guns,
  3. We need no God in this country.

Even the conservative agenda lacks the proper emphasis. Conventional wisdom teaches:

  1. We need less government,
  2. We need more guns,
  3. We need to emphasize “God and Country.” (Cicero-“Those things we hold most dear.”)

Americans must begin to reconcile themselves to the fact that our nation has drifted past the ‘fail safe’ point and is heading straight for God’s judgment for our moral failures and crimes against peoples all too often we tell ourselves we are helping–both inside and outside our nation’s borders.

I hope you can take the hour to listen intently to our discussion.

Blessings to everyone,


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