Blood on the Altar

Shinar Directive

I have been fortunate to be interviewed a number of time the last few weeks.

First, Dr. Michael Lake and I had a fabulous time talking about America, its spiritual history, and its future–albeit a frightening one in many respects.  I felt it was one of the most interesting interviews that I had had the privilege to participate in since I began my career in writing over six years ago.

Here is the link to the show.

It runs about 78 minutes.  You will find it a highly intelligent discussion (if I do say so myself!  Although most of the intelligence comes from Dr. Lake!)

Dr. Lake leads Biblical Life Assembly and is Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Assembly.  Dr. Lake is author of a number of books and teaching CDs.  Recently he authored of The Shiner Directive, published by Tom Horn and Defender Publishing.

Please enjoy!


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