Israel-US Relations have been at the forefront of Bible Prophecy studies.  Futurist prophecy students believe that Israel is the “timepiece” tracking when critical events happen in our world. Moreover, how nations treat Israel is at the center of how they thrive (or don’t). For the USA, there is an incredible pattern of disasters in our land occurring when our leadership seeks to further the “partitioning of the land” of Israel. Is this correlation for real? While such “coincidences” have happened in the past, are they still occurring?

In this episode of The Hot Seat, Doug Woodward hosts William (Bill) Koenig ( who has been a White House correspondent for over 20 years. Bill has visited Israel 30 times, often flying in Air Force One, and finds himself within earshot of monumental discussions in U.S. foreign policy.  Bill speaks from incredible experience about how the Biden Presidency may impact Israel’s actions, as well as commenting on other foreign policy topics such as China’s competition with the US.

Gary Winkleman is a mutual friend of Bill and Doug. Gary has kept close to foreign policy issues after his amazing experience in Moscow during the Russian constitutional crisis and the “dance” between Boris Yeltsin, the notorious Russian oligarchs, and President Putin as he was coming into power. Gary found himself in the midst of the New American Century program in which the US attempted to move Russia toward free markets and democracy, reporting to HR Haldeman (Nixon’s chief of staff), and unbeknownst to him, had two CIA spies reporting to him. His insights into the intelligence network in the US is fascinating.

Doug throws in a few portions of his knowledge on the Mockingbird program, CIA influence in the so-called “shadow government,” and other topics covered in his books, Power Quest 1 and 2, and The Final Babylon.

The program is fast paced and chock full of insights you won’t get anywhere else.  Its 96 minutes and available on YouTube (hopefully!) as well as BitChute. While offering deep insights, the tone of the show is somewhat lighthearted as the friends often laugh and tell stories concerning their relationships over the years.

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