It’s now available on YOUTUBE.  The July 28 Episode of THE HOT SEAT!  

I’m very very pleased to have the opportunity to turn the tables and talk with Derek about the recent book that he and his wife Sharon wrote on the ancient gods of the Bible and how learning about their characteristics enhances our understanding of the Bible’s message.

There were many fascinating new points I learned.  One of the most fascinating was discovering that at one point GOD told Moses to turn back with the Children of Israel during their escape from Egypt. He wanted them to spend the night in front of a mountain named after BAAL.  Think about that.  A mountain in Egypt, named after BAAL, instead of Set, Horus, or Osiris, etc.  BAAL is a Canaanite god.  Why would there be a mount named and dedicated to BAAL in Egypt in 1500 BC? And what was God doing telling Moses to park the  tribes of Israel right in front of it while they were escaping from Pharaoh?

That is just one of a whole lot of things we discussed in this 65-minute video. Other subjects include the dragons of the Old Testament and why they really were dragons.  Likewise, the giants of old – the Nepilim – and there connection to the Titans of fame (in the pantheon of Greece).  Derek is truly an incredibly knowledgeable teacher in this area.  You may recall that he has written a number of books along these lines including THE LAST CLASH OF THE TITANS, and THE GREAT INCEPTION, which I reviewed in a blog mentioned below.

This was truly one of the more in depth interviews I’m able to share so far because of Derek’s knowledge and is “total recall” of the names and significance of the giants, gods, and dragons of ancient history.  I certainly hope you have the time to catch it.  The link is above and please comment on YouTube under the video if you liked the discussion and how it might have been helpful to you.

Blessings to everyone!