An unprecedented event took place this past weekend.  All four authors of REVISING REALITY:  A BIBLICAL LOOK INTO THE COSMOS, VOLUME 1, got together with SkyWatch TV host, Derek Gilbert, to discuss for one hour their best-selling book.  The occasion was to join Derek on his perennially great radio show, VIEW FROM THE BUNKER.

Our book, REVISING REALITY has climbed to near the top of the chart on Amazon’s best selling books in both Eschatology and Cosmology (today it is #2 behind David Jeremiah’s latest book in eschatology — only one more step to #1).  And the promotion has just begun.


The discussion touched on most of the topics of the controversial book, although admittedly in Derek’s words, we only skimmed the surface.  The discussion ranged from understanding why the Nephilim changed the course of the cosmos to why the cult of the Black Cube underlies many of the world’s religions.  It also discusses in detail what the Tower of Babel has in common with the large hadron collider known as CERN located in Geneva, Switzerland. And why CERN secretly serves as a radio beacon for “ET to phone home”, er, rather for cult devotees to connect to the planet Saturn supposedly to make contact with entities there (according to occult believers in the death cult of Saturn who may just be pulling the strings behind the scenes in Geneva).

Derek did, as per usual, a terrific job of engaging each of the authors in the discussion.  The conversation was fast-paced and had so many startling revelations that at one point, Derek stated that his mind had gone numb.  But that is what the book does to its readers.  While many familiar subjects are covered — like fallen angels, transhumanism, CERN, demonology, and of course the Nephilim — there is an enormous amount of new material that is presented.  Also important is placing all of the issues in the context of the biblical worldview, or as it is more academically understood, the COSMOS.  The book connects the dots in a completely unique way.

Revising Reality attempts to bridge the surprising new insights of scholars like Dr. Michael Heiser and Stan Deyo (who also wrote the Foreword to the book), representing how ancient texts and alternative physics help to strengthen the veracity of the biblical account.  As one reader exclaimed, this book is more than a revolution… it is a reformation.

I encourage you to listen for an hour.  Get some popcorn and a notepad.  It is entertaining and sobering at the same time.  Click below on the video to watch.  And click HERE to order the book from Amazon (in paperback or Kindle).

Alternatively, each of the authors will be happy to sign a copy they have at that disposal if you’d like to target your purchase of the book to support their individual ministry.  Just check out their locations on the web:  FaceLiketheSun YouTube channel for Gonz, for Anthony, and for Josh.  You can support me when you buy a Kindle or an iBook version of the book.

The book is also available from Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble NOOK. Bless you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for.