Many who have only a casual interest in cosmology and physics don’t realize that what we’ve been taught in school and what is the “standard, academic” view of the universe is being challenged today by a group of scientists that believe Einstein was wrong.

It seems Albert did not have it completely right regarding some key aspects of reality.  Instead, a Serbian-American, Nikola Tesla (after whom the all-electric luxury car is named) proposed some very different ideas about the universe over 100 years ago.

Our book, Revising Reality:  A Biblical Look into the Cosmos, Volume 1, picks up this story and points out that Tesla’s view of the cosmos provides much better explanations for many phenomenon in the physical world (and “out of this world” too).

Here is a small excerpt from the book centering on the contrast between Einstein and Tesla… and why their differing models of the cosmos make a difference.  Of particular import:  The Tesla model better accommodates events we consider “supernatural” — and why other spooky things happen that we can’t explain with the Einsteinian model of a “fixed constant… the speed of light”.  Enjoy this brief snippet and if you are intrigued we hope you will purchase our book.  It’s been consistently in the top ten best-selling Kindle books in the category of Eschatology.   Click HERE to check it out.

Christians today live without awareness that alternative physics reopens the possibility of the supernatural.  Although the Bible does not distinguish between the “natural and the supernatural”, humanity does.  Since the eighteenth century, the period known as “The Enlightenment”, “standard science” has rejected the supernatural events such as the Bible describes.  All effects have natural causesThere are laws that govern the workings of the universe and these laws can be identified and understood.  A supernatural event would overrule this view. Despite his deep commitment to a biblical understanding of the Cosmos, Sir Isaac Newton’s understanding of physics and a much less theistic Albert Einstein’s revision of Newton in the twentieth century, provide the vast majority of what science has taught us about physics including reinforcement of an anti-supernatural bias.  However, two other scientists confronted the views of Newton and Einstein:  Werner Heisenberg and Nicola Tesla.  Heisenberg challenged the validity of Newton and Einstein at the quantum level (the tiniest “spaces” in the universe), while Tesla challenged Einstein concerning the dominance of gravity, the “bending” of space, the prominence of the aether (plasma), as well as proposing methods to defeat gravity through electrogravitics.  Thus, Christians must now recognize that what they were taught in school may be wrong. Popular astronomers and cosmologists today continue to reinforce many falsehoods. However, orthodox science as expounded by Newton and Einstein is no longer sacrosanct.  There are growing numbers of scientists that challenge the academically accepted cosmology.  Thus, there are substantive new insights in physics itself which call for a revised reality.


Christians are unaware there is a new school of science that better reflects biblical cosmology and rejects secular/atheistic cosmology.  Although scientific orthodoxy still insists upon the notions of dark matter and dark energy, black holes, and the constant of the speed of light, there are now an increasing number of scientists that question the validity and universality of these assertions.  In particular, a new school of scientists have begun to propound The Electric Universe.  This group of mavericks comprise the Thunderbolts Project.  They have been rethinking the nature of the Cosmos.  Their ideas acknowledge much of the so-called “standard model”; however, they depart in a number of areas based upon the work of Tesla and the notion of the fourth state of matter and energy (i.e., plasma).  According to them, the dominant force in the universe is not gravity but electromagnetism.  They point out that even Einstein could not reconcile certain “real-world” phenomena with his theories.  In particular, particle entanglement, also known as “spooky action at a distance” infers that the speed of light is no longer a constant (it can be exceeded).  Entangled particles “communicate” instantly no matter the distance between them.  Because of these new developments, our conception of reality is in need of a vast revision. Practical applications of this quantum reality are being put into place today. Many more will come.

Whether following the lead of Einstein or of Tesla, all scientists now believe that the universe consists of multiple dimensions that we cannot see or detect.  To some indefinite extent, the Cosmos is a “multi-verse”.  There are perhaps as many as ten dimensions plus time.  (Whether time in fact truly constitutes a dimension remains a matter of debate too).  Because humanity lives within these three physical dimensions of height, width, and depth, it is not obvious to the vast majority of human men and women that there could be other dimensions.  Nor is it apparent how we can understand them.  Scientists remain certain of the multiple unseen dimensions due to mathematical equations that “make sense” of the un-sensed world. Those persons who profess a so-called “sixth sense”, have a much easier time accepting the multi-dimensional hypothesis. Therefore, since so many acknowledge the multiverse, Christians must revise their reality.  These vistas open the door to “supernatural” events without compromising true science.