JUST POSTED:  Two videos addressing what might happen to the United States during this decade.  Both deal with my most recent book, AMERICAN REQUIEM: WHY THE USA FALLS IN THE LAST DAYS.  

American Requiem: Why the USA Falls in the Last Days

The first is built connecting three ratio interviews done with Larry Spargimino at Southwest Radio Church, covering shows posted over three days during the March 18-22 weekend. The second is a video of my lecture given at Prophecy Watchers’ LAST TRUMP conference during February timeline, 2021.  Both videos are about 45 minutes in length.  They do cover much of the same material, although the radio interviews are highly interactive with Larry posing questions, while the lecture is just me talking (hopefully with enough verve to be enjoyable as well as educational).

I walk through the thesis of the book, broken into two parts: First, secular authorities over the past decade or so, have strongly argued that the US has entered into a crisis path that it may not be able to walk back.  I summarize the arguments of Jared Diamond in his book Collapse. Howe and Strauss’ book The Fourth Turning is familiar to many readers/viewers. Lastly, Chris Hedges’ book, America: The Farewell Tour is also discussed in the videos and my book.

Secondly, the United States is predicted to collapse because it is the daughter of Babylon, a mysterious personage addressed in the books of Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Zechariah.

I cover the threats we face from internal challenges as well as from without.  These threats are well documented and supported by other authorities.  Below is the link to the radio interview video from Southwest Radio Church.

Despite the fact that many prophetic teachers declare the United States is not identified in the Bible, sound exegesis surfaces a personage in Bible prophecy that cannot be fulfilled by any other nation in the history of the world.  Nor is it likely that such a nation could come into place within less than a half-century in the sands of Iraq (where the Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar once stood) and become the dominant political, economic, and military powerhouse necessary to fulfill these prophecies.

Nine of these prophecies fitting the USA are listed below (and covered in these video presentations):

The radio interviews have been enhanced visually by dozens of photographs to clarify and lead the discussion along. Also, key charts that are presented in the book are also included in these videos.

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