I believe the Bible to be the inspired, inherent Word of God. Since my earliest days at the Seminary, I was taught to believe this. What a lot of laity do not truly understand is that that is true for the original autographs.

Current translations often contain errors due to the biases of their translators. Plus, a contemporary misunderstanding of the ancient Hebrew language. That is why we were required to learn and use the Hebrew language of the Old Testament and koine Greek of the New Testament before we could attend Concordia Seminary (LCMS), St. Louis.

450 pages, released January 2019

I am a proponent of “The Young Earth,” believing in the literal seven twenty-four-hour days of Creation. As my late professor often stated, the Hebrew word used is “yom” and “yom” means a single, solitary day. If he wanted the book to say “era”, there is a Hebrew word for it.

Now that I have laid my foundation, I highly recommend “Rebooting the Bible” by S.

Douglas Woodward to everyone who loves a challenge! Doug has once again dared me to live, learn, and keep an open mind. Woodward is one of my most favorite authors, being blessed with a hard-copy and Kindle version of every one of his books! “Rebooting the Bible” is as good, or better, then all his preceding works.

Professor Woodward is one of the best, most thorough researchers of our time. He leads us into more discoveries than we could imagine. As a theologian, I am impressed with his documentation. One of my seminary professors taught us with test questions from footnotes. Doug’s research makes his footnotes, appendixes, and bibliography positive proof of his exploration; his investigation!

In my 34 years of ministry, I had never heard of the second century conspiracy to corrupt the scripture, thus altering biblical chronology and water

The Inspiration of Bible

down Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth. I don’t remember learning of a Rabbi Akiba and his influence over Judaism. Did Akiba alter the Tanakh? If texts have been tampered, when and why? How does it affect what we believe today? How different is the Judaism after the destruction of the Temple than before? Is the biblical chronology most of us believe accurate or distorted? So many questions! So, few of us have answers.

Rebooting the Bible” is a must read! It is a thought-provoking read!

S. Douglas Woodward is one of the greatest researchers of our time! Will you agree with everything he has to say? No. But then have you done the inquiries Doug has? Probably not. “Rebooting the Bible” will cause you to grow! Isn’t that one of the goals of living the Christian faith?

Rev. Dr. William JP Doubek III


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