Chapter Seven:
CIA Psyche Out—Mind Control,  LSD, Manchurian Candidates and MPD/DID

At Nuremberg, Nazi doctors who experimented with mescaline in the death camps were regarded as war criminals.  A decade later, such research was conducted by the leading figures in academic psychiatry in North America, and published in the leading medical journals.

Dr. Colin Ross, The CIA Doctors

 A network anchorman in the time of national crisis is an instrument of psychological warfare in the CIA culture.  He is a creature from the national security sector’s chamber of horrors. 

Alex Constantine, from Virtual Government

“If I wanted you to have an opinion, I would have issued you one.”

An Army officer reprimanding an enlistee

The Origin of Mind Control in Germany and Russia

We are all familiar with Pavlov’s dogs.  Ring a bell and give the dog a pellet of food.  Do it several times.  The dog salivates every time the bell rings in anticipation of getting a treat.  But then ring a bell and don’t give the dog a pellet—the dog still salivates.  Do this process intermittently (sometimes providing the pellet and sometimes not) and the dog salivates even more intensely.  Known as reflex conditioning, this experiment became the basis for Behaviorism.  This important theory of psychology can be defined as the assertion that all learning results in behavior and all behaviors are learned through conditioning.[i]

However, while most of us recall the dogs and food pellets, we don’t remember Ivan Pavlov also discovered that how we learn can be radically altered by fear. This observation had far reaching consequences for mind control in the twentieth century.

It seems Leningrad was flooding and the waters came into the Pavlov’s lab. As his test dogs observed the waters rise higher and higher, their fear grew higher too.  Happily, the dogs were rescued in the nick of time.  However, Pavlov discovered all the ‘learning’ accomplished by his dogs was wiped clean by the intensity of their fear.  After he retrained the dogs again with bells and pellets, he artificially flooded the lab again (this time with only an inch or two of water); at which point he discovered once again the frightened dogs forgot what they had learned.  It was as if their memory had been washed clean.  When he turned on his water hose threatening to flood his laboratory, Pavlov was, in effect, brainwashinghis dogs.

The story is told of a conference between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse.  Nixon’s dog, ‘Checkers’, was chewing on the corner of the President’s rug. Nixon stopped talking to Kissinger for a moment, turned to his desk, took out a dog biscuit and threw it down on the expensive rug to Checkers with the comment, “Checkers needs something to chew on I guess.”  Kissinger said wryly, “Congratulations Mr. President, you have just taught your dog to chew on the rug.”

As we have seen throughout our study, America’s adoption of unreasoned and sometimes harmful behaviors resulted from our fear of the Soviets.  Our hatred of Nazis was not so deep that we continued to shun them after World War II.  In fact, as we’ve shown, the opposite was the case.  Our fear of the Soviets was even greater after the National Socialists had been defeated.  Subsequently, we looked to the Nazis to add new weapons to our arsenal for battling our next foe.  Weapons of the mind (as we saw with remote viewing in earlier chapters), were much sought after too.

During the War, had the Nazis done work on ‘mind control’? The evidence is clear they did.

Concrete proof of German interest in truth drugs came on 24 July, 1942, when a coded Enigma cable was decrypted at the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire.  The signal, from the SS führer in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, was a request for mind-altering drugs from the SS medical headquarters in Berlin.

Experiments to date of injecting parachutists with scopolamine were successful.  Therefore, experiments with Mescaline are to be undertaken, since these injections produce an enhance effect through intoxication. [ii]

Wolfram Sievers was the person responsible for this research, a personal member of Heinrich Himmler’s staff and Standartenführer[iii]of the Ahnenerbe, founded in 1935, ostensibly to study the ancestral heritage of the German people in an effort to achieve racial purity (a subject we take up in the next chapter).  This heinous research was eventually centered at Auschwitz because it offered greater privacy—at other camps the subjects’ unnerving screams could be heard outside the perimeter.  As the reader can imagine, such screams were most distressing to the surrounding civilian population.

These gruesome experiments ran the gamut of insidious tests:  forcing inmates to drink seawater allowing observers to witness the manner of their death; intentionally mixing blood types in blood transfusions to see what would happen; even exposing victims to freezing temperatures to learn how long it took before they froze to death.  Sometimes the experiments were medical in nature:  infecting victims with diseases and injecting vaccines to test their effectiveness.  Frankly most experiments were horrors too unspeakable to recount.  And of course, the terror varied by degree.  One area of the death camp was clearly regarded the worst. “Even for Auschwitz, Block 10 had a terrible reputation:  it was rumored that women sent to the block for experimentation were ‘impregnated with monsters’. The shutters were permanently drawn and research was punctuated by the regular sound of gunshots, as firing squads labored round the clock in the courtyard of Block 11 next door”[iv][emphasis mine].

One wonders just what sort of monster was doing the impregnating.

Of specific concern was the work on ‘truth serums.  The German’s were not the first to open this door, but they extended the opening fully with their unethical work on the subject.  At Block 5 Dr. Kurt Ploetner, professor at the University of Leipzig sought drugs that could ‘eliminate the will of the person examined.’

Recommendations for test apparently came to Ploetner directly from the SS; Wolfram Sievers’ duty diary indicates that a number of meetings took place between the Ahnenerbe chief and Dr. Ploetner.  Presumably Sievers supplied the drugs.  A number of compounds were tested but the one that Neff recalled most vividly was mescaline, a ‘Mexican drug that has been reputed to dissolve repressions and to encourage talkativeness’, which was given to prisoners on about thirty separate occasions.  The experiments’ protocols were simple:  unwitting inmates were fed the drug then interrogated to see what information they revealed.[v][This approach worked most effectively when questions were asked of ‘intoxicated’ individuals in a ‘masked’ manner] [Comment mine]

This research was made public immediately after the War—no doubt expanding the job opportunities for Nazi scientists to continue their research under the aegis of their American and English ‘hosts’.  Clearly, rocket science wasn’t the only technology in which German Nazi ingenuity could be put to good use.

Nonetheless, the emphasis on mind control wasn’t original with the Nazis.  Just as we saw with Pavlov and his pooches, the Russians were also eager to sway the minds of their citizens and enemies alike.  During the decade after the Second World War, there was a lot more ‘love coming from Russia’ addressed specifically to America.

More Dogged Experiments

Did we have reason to fear the Soviets?  History says, “Absolutely.” For there is another not-so-well-known fact about Ivan Pavlov—that he met in person with Lenin shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution—and this meeting would have long lasting repercussions.

After explaining ‘dog behaviors’ to Vladimir Lenin, Lenin requested an analysis of how his work could be utilized on humans.  “Pavlov’s assignment was to write a summary of his life’s work—but he was to apply this knowledge to human beings, not animals.  For the time it took him to write this report he was to remain in Moscow, a ‘guest’ at the Kremlin.”[vi]Ultimately, Pavlov produced a 400-page document for Lenin that, to this day, has never left the Kremlin.  In fact, Pavlov’s work became the basis for communist expansionism.

We learn this from Edward Hunter who studied the use of these techniques behind the iron curtain, releasing the information first in a landmark study published in the Miami Daily News, September 24, 1950.  In the article he transformed the Chinese phrase used by their ‘behavioral conditioners’ from ‘mind cleanse’ to ‘brain wash’.  Thus was born one of the most sinister notions incorporated into our modern vocabulary and present-day culture.

Author Dominic Streatfeild, a cautious and judicious investigator not prone to exaggeration, records the reaction from the infamous author (and proponent for mescaline), Aldous Huxley:

Aldous Huxley, who was himself to play a role in the brainwashing melee following the Korean War, parroted [William] Sargant’s [a noted and controversial British psychiatrist] ‘very remarkable’ theory to anyone who would listen.  ‘Pavlov’s findings,’ he wrote, in 1958, ‘have important practical applications.  If the central nervous system of dogs can be broken down, so can the central nervous system of political prisoners.  It is simply a matter of applying the right amount of stress for the right amount of time.’ The whole thing was, he thought, terribly depressing.  ‘The prophecies I made [in Brave New World] are coming true much sooner than I thought they would. [Brackets in original] [vii]

These fears would become overwhelming at the outset of the 1950s:

Soon everyone in the U.S. intelligence community was speculating wildly about what the Soviets and the Chinese were up to.  Whatever it was, it was deeply sinister.  The ‘perverse science’ of mind control, a bastard son of psychiatry and military research, was too terrible even to contemplate.  In 1953 a meeting of the CIA’s Psychological Strategy Board warned that Soviets drugging was so likely that U.S. politicians should be monitored closely for ‘signs of a change personality.’  Any suspect officials should be restrained, isolated and monitored for at least twenty-four hours.[viii][Emphasis mine]

In April, 1953 Allen Dulles would add fuel to the flames when detailing what the Soviets were doing in this field at a lecture given at Princeton University.  Dulles alleged that the Soviets “take selected human beings whom they wish to destroy and turn them into humble confessors of crimes they never committed, or make them the mouthpiece for Soviet propaganda.  New techniques wash the brain clean of thoughts and mental processes of the past and, possibly, through the use of some ‘lie serum’, create new brain processes and new thoughts which the victim, parrot-like, repeats.”[ix]  For Dulles, the next war to be fought wasn’t an ‘atomic’ one, but much more underhanded. We were battling for ‘men’s minds’ in what he called, ‘brain warfare.’  Brainwashing became synonymous with the loss of freedom and thus a threat to the American notion of individual liberty. “This is psychological warfare on a scale incalculably more immense than any militarist of the past has ever envisaged.”  Hunter said these things as a witness to the U.S. Committee on Un-American Activities (CUAA) [made famous by Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy]. “If we and the other free nations permit this to go on, and if the same thing is being done in the other countries of the Soviet bloc, the price our children will have to pay makes the heart sick.”[x]  Investigating brainwashing became an official businessof the military in August 1954 when the Secretary of Defense set up a special committee for that purpose.  The findings were clear:  the U.S. and Britain must invest time and money in the study to neutralize the Soviet threat.  However, as Streatfeild (author of Brainwash, The Secret of Mind Control),comments, “The CIA was way ahead of them.”[xi]Made official in 1954, the study of controlling the human mind was already well underway.

Following the scare created by the confessions of the late 1940s and early 1950s, the CIA became involved in an extraordinary clandestine search for brainwashing techniques, in the course of which it spiraled into a morass of ethical issues.  It crossed and recrossed boundaries of morally acceptable behavior with impunity, broke laws in the name of justice, and subverted human rights in the name of freedom.  The starting point for all this was the quest for the philosopher’s stone of interrogation: a truth drug.  Did such a drug exist?  Was it possible to force someone to tell the truth?  As it happens, it was a quest that had already been going on for some time.[xii]

LSD—Better Intelligence through Chemistry

In fact, the story of drugs and warfare beginsduring World War II.   In 1943, Dr. Winfred Overholser began investigating and experimenting with drugs while working for the OSS (the forerunner of the CIA).  He studied Mescaline and marijuana and the use of other possible compounds, particularly the development of a poison to kill Hitler.  After the war was over, Americans grew their knowledge base from Nazi research conducted in the ‘death camps’.  This would accelerate our drug-related research and perfect our chemical weapons.

Despite harsh condemnation at the Nuremberg trials, of Nazi ‘scientific’ experiments, U.S. investigators poring over research records at Dachau described some of the work, if confirmed, as “an important complement to existing knowledge.” American clandestine operators were intrigued by the notion of exotic drugs andtruth serums.  Protected by secrecy, amply supplied with funds, lured on by the dream of a ‘magic bullet’, they embarked on experiments at the frontiers of medical knowledge.[xiii]

As a result of the trials, the ‘Nuremberg Code’ was defined, which mandated as American policy that our medical professionals and scientists could never do experiments on unwitting victims.  However, this code (toughened by the retribution jurors imposed on seven of nine German scientists sentenced to hang—and then adopted as American policy thereafter) was disregarded by other American officials in the name of national security no sooner than it was instituted.

To say that the Dachau experiments are object lessons of how far people can stretch ends to justify means is to belittle by cliché what occurred in the concentration camps.  Nothing the CIA ever did in its postwar search for mind-control technology came close to the callous killing of the Nazi “aviation research” [in which victims were placed in pressure chambers to simulate high altitude conditions in which drastic changes were suddenly introduced to test human physical reactions].  Nevertheless, in their attempts to find ways to manipulate people, Agency officials and their agents crossed many of the same ethical barriers.  They experimented with dangerous and unknown techniques on people who had no idea what was happening.  They systematically violated the free will and mental dignity of their subjects and, like the Germans, they chose to victimize special groups of people whose existence they considered, out of prejudice and convenience, less worthy than their own.  Wherever their extreme experiments went, the CIA sponsors picked for subjects their own equivalents of the Nazis’ Jews and gypsies:  mental patients, prostitutes, foreigners, drug addicts, and prisoners, often from minority ethnic groups.[xiv]

As mentioned above, America (and Great Britain) investigated mind control and the potential for drug usage during and just after the war.  However, it wasn’t until 1950 that the momentum caught hold.

An agent of the CIA visited Sandoz Laboratories Ltd. in Switzerland in September, 1953 on rumors the Soviets were manufacturing LSD and had 50 million doses on hand.  It sent the CIA into a panic.  Dulles “decided on 22 October that the agency should purchase all of it [the stockpile Sandoz had—10 kilograms according to the report].  The price was $240,000.  On 2 December, two CIA officers were dispatched to Switzerland to buy up all the LSD in the world.”[xv]  But there was a problem.  The amount was only 10 milligrams not kilograms, about a million times less than what was reported.  Instead of 50 million doses, the amount in stock was only about 50 doses.

The reality was that Sandoz never manufactured more than 40 grams tops (less than two ounces), ten of which were still in stock and ten more already in the U.S.  “To prevent such a misunderstanding occurring again, the CIA men negotiated a deal with Sandoz.  The company agreed not to sell LSD to the Soviet Union.  Perhaps strangely, it also agreed that in order to remove the financial incentive that might encourage other pharmaceutical companies to synthesize the drug, all LSD from that point on would be distributed free of charge.”[xvi]  After determining more of the drug was needed, the CIA decided not to import the drug, but have it manufactured in the US.  Within a year, it awarded a contract to Eli Lilly in Indianapolis to produce LSD. Little did the CIA know its clandestine actions would eventually unleash a beast on a whole generation of Americans—millions would be impacted.  The ‘hippies’ of Haight-Asbury would become a cultural phenomenon,[xvii]Woodstock would become a blockbuster movie, and The Grateful Dead would become lifelong legends—all because the CIA decided LSD was important.

LSD, an acronym for lysergic acid diethylamide, was discovered quite by accident by Dr. Albert Hoffman in 1938.  His surprise trip was quite an eye-opener (and mind blower) as we now know.  After he came back down to earth, he knew he had something.  But what was its highest and best use?  Was this substance just for ‘recreational’ purposes?  Could there be psychological benefits?  Furthermore, for those with bellicose eyes to see, couldn’t LSD have military and intelligence applications?  Or was it “all of the above?”

As the reader may already know, LSD was derived from ergot, a fungus typically growing on rye.  So it was that in the 1950s, after obtaining the drug the American military and CIA decided that their procured stockpile should be put to good use. Throwing ethics out the window, the government began numerous tests to learn how to exploit LSD as a weapon of war.

Dr. Colin Ross summarizes the extent of official U.S. usage:

No one knows the exact number of mind control subjects who received LSD from the CIA and the military.  In a U.S. Army memorandum dated July 15, 1975 Kenneth R. Dirks, M.D., Brigadier General, MC, Assistant Surgeon General for Research and Development, U.S. Army estimated that at least 1500 soldiers were given LSD without informed consent as part of Army mind control experiments.  Review of the list of drugs tested by the U.S. Army up until 1973… and the fact that there are three branches of the military plus the CIA, leads to the conclusion that a large number of people received mind control drugs without giving true informed consent.[xviii]

In March, 2012 the role of the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland was discussed in a CNN documentary segment entitled, “The Army’s Guinea Pigs” showing just-released film of 1950s’ Army volunteers being given LSD, then demonstrating their antics following its dosing.  They marched in stumbles and staggers, giggling as they carried on in front of their assigned base at Edgewood.  But the final results of administering LSD, as well as other chemicals on unwitting Army volunteers (simply so those who volunteered could extend their respective weekend passes) lacks any lasting sense of levity.  Indeed, the story’s conclusion is shameful.

In a recent article by reporter Bruce Falconer, we learn the details of a lawsuit filed by San Francisco attorney Gordon Erspamer on behalf of a number of living participants in these horrific studies:

Their stories are a staple of conspiracy culture: broken men, suffering hallucinations and near-total amnesia, who say they are victims of secret government mind-control experiments.

Think Liev Schreiber in The Manchurian Candidateor Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.

Journalists are a favorite target for the paranoid delusions of this population. So is Gordon Erspamer—and the San Francisco lawyer’s latest case isn’t helping him to fend off the tinfoil-hat crowd. He has filed suit against the CIA and the U.S. Army on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans of America and six formerAmerican soldiers who claim they are the real thing:  survivors of classified government tests conducted at the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland between 1950 and 1975.

 “I get a lot of calls,” he says. “There are a lot of crazy people out there who think that somebody from Mars is controlling their behavior via radio waves.” But when it comes to Edgewood, “I’m finding that more and more of those stories are true!”[xix]

The most famous incident (and the first known death) caused by LSD occurred when Frank B. Olsen was given LSD without his knowledge by Sidney Gottlieb (the Director in charge of MKULTRA) at a weekend retreat in Maryland.  Two weeks later, Olsen jumped out of his tenth floor window in New York City on what obviously had become a very bad trip.  Olsen had been sent there by officers-in-charge to see Army psychiatrist, Dr. Harold Abramson, who subsequently aided the cover-up of Olsen’s death.   Some readers might assume this tale is yet another over-hyped example of an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.  But since Congress years before had ruled the incident true and trustworthy, the government awarded Olsen’s family $750,000.  (Curiously, the family did not realize his death was a suicide until years after the fact upon reading The Rockefeller Report on CIA Operations, authorized by President Gerald Ford in 1975).  Based upon data he received from information released by the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act, Colin Ross indicates Dr. ‘Jolly’ Jolyon West administered MKULTRA Subproject 43 from 1954 to 1969 while the head of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma (he would then move to Los Angeles and take the position at UCLA referenced earlier).  During his stay in Oklahoma, West slipped a deadly dose of LSD to a featured guest at the Oklahoma City Zoo, an unfortunate bull elephant.  Dr. West murdered the elephant ‘in the name of science’.  No doubt the kids who went to see Oklahoma City’s prize elephant wished Dr. West had selected a different place and time to do his science project.

The matter is personal to me as I grew up in Oklahoma City and one of my favorite memories was visiting the elephants at OKC’s Lincoln Park Zoo (I was born there in 1954 at the same time Dr. West joined Oklahoma University—from whence, coincidentally, I also graduated in 1976).  This author is especially glad Dr. West didn’t kill ‘Judy’ the elephant—one of my favorite creatures to visit when at the zoo. West had done his hallucinogenic hunting several years before I began visiting.  No doubt the trauma would have sent me over the top if I had seen West send our pachyderm packing.

How Hallucinogens Backfired on the CIA

But LSD was hardly the only drug investigated.  Streatfeild comments that by 1952 (even before the LSD purchases), “the Agency had enough hospitals and universities testing hallucinogenic drugs to produce a hundred Ph.D. papers.” [xx]

Although interesting, the research lacked an examination of what would happen ‘in the field’ when they were actually used on unwitting subjects. This led the Agency to begin testing on U.S. citizens, typically the ‘underworld’ variety that would have no recourse if the testing was made public.  Prostitutes would lure their clients to ‘safe houses’ in which various drugs would be administered without their knowledge (and certainly their consent). MKULTRA subprojects 3, 14, 16, 42, and 149 involved such experiments.  “A 1957 memo on ‘Influencing Human Behavior’ admits that ‘some of the activities, are considered to be professionally unethical and in some instances border on the illegal’.”[xxi]In 1963, the CIA Inspector General learned of these operations and wrote a memo recommending terminating such experiments on U.S. citizens.  However, his directive was ignored for the most part. “Unwitting testing of LSD and other drugs in CIA safe-houses continued until 1965 in San Francisco and 1966 in New York.”[xxii]  It isn’t known how many citizens were victims of such ‘un-American activities’. The CIA has never disclosed the details, perhaps for fear of certain lawsuits. And yet…

Fear of lawsuits does not seem to have bothered [agent-in-charge] George White, who clearly thought the operation was a huge joke.  “I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun!” he wrote to Sidney Gottlieb, sometime later.  “Where else,” he asked, “could a red-blooded American boy lie, cheat, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All Highest?”[xxiii]

Ironically, it would be the CIA itself which would be hoodwinked by the cultural effects of LSD.  Military and Intelligence forays into other hallucinogens such as magic mushrooms and the derived active ingredient psilocybin(discussed in Book Oneof Power Quest) as well as LSD unwittingly promoted the counter-culture, aka drug culture of the 1960s.  Gordon Wasson, Vice-President of Morgan Stanley and mycologist, would head south of the border in search of the sacred fungi from whence Timothy Leary would become psyched by hallucinogens and recommend everyone “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Richard Nixon would come to call Leary “the most dangerous man in America!”  Wasson unknowingly allowed the CIA to fund his travels while Leary was consciously on the CIA dole (consciously that is, when not engaged on extended day-trips with LSD).

These endorsements by the intelligentsia promptly encouraged Ken Kessey to write the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, eventually leading to an academy award winning movie that brought now-famous actor Jack Nicholson to the foreground of moviedom.  Not long afterward, Kessey would purchase a Day-Glo-painted ‘magic bus’ (hard rockers will recall the song of the same name by the British band, The Who) traveling across the country with colleagues promoting the medicinal and religious purposes of drug-induced visions to thousands of 1960s’ youth at raves well before they were known as such.

The result was that, completely by accident, LSD and psilocybin were catapulted into the public consciousness. This took the CIA by surprise. It had never occurred to Agency men that people might take brainwashing drugs for fun.

In 1963, the Agency recognized that things were going awry:  ‘There is information that some non-Agency groups particularly on the West Coast, have taken to using these drugs in a type of religious experimentation… Any information concerning the use of this type of drug for experimental or personal reasons should be reported immediately…”[xxiv]

Investigating the CIA

Thomas Powers in his Introductionfor the noteworthy book, TheSearch for the “Manchurian Candidate” (authored by John Marks, a source for this chapter) understated the obvious in 1981 when he wrote, “The CIA probably played as big a role in the development and study of psychoactive drugs as the National Security Agency’s code-breakers did in the development of computers.”[xxv]Furthermore, the conclusion of all the drug research was that “powerful drugs can indeed wipe out memory, but the sweep is clean.  If the year in Berlin went, the wife, and kids went with it.” [xxvi]

The story of the CIA’s ‘un-American activities’ begins with investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s New York Timesreport in December 1974.  Hersh[xxvii]disclosed the CIA drug-testing program and the victimization of unwitting military personnel and civilians.  This article finally prompted President Gerald Ford to ask Nelson Rockefeller to organize a commission whose intent Ford hoped would calm the nerves of Americans puzzled by the unconstitutional (and thus, illegal) actions of its civilian intelligence service. It is ironic—because asking Rockefeller to investigate the CIA was like asking the fox to guard the henhouse given what we now know about the numerous linkages between the Rockefellers and their exploitation of our government for personal gain (Chapter 8, on the topic of eugenics, will cite these social engineering infractions in grave detail).

Nevertheless, the Rockefeller Commission was overwhelmed with stunning tales of government transgressions—and this despite the fact Richard Helms in 1973 had thousands of documents shredded as he left office.  Nevertheless, Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus (as detailed in Chapter 2, in this instance confirming the words of author John Marks), states Helms was unsuccessful in his destruction of the evidence.  In the 1970s, The Whitehouse announced 16,000 pages of relevant papers still extant.  These pages had been preserved for official financial record keeping purposes—a records retention policy that thwarted Helm’s (and Gottlieb’s) cover-up.

Mind Control, MOCKINGBIRD, and the Media

When we think ‘mind control’ we think brainwashing.  And when we think brainwashing we think intelligence operations and the CIA.  But the reality is that the most far-reaching form of changing minds accomplished by the CIA wasn’t anywhere near as painful as torture and brainwashing.  The number one method how our opinions have been influenced by our government is through the media.  In fact, our government used our tax dollars to reinforce the opinions they wanted us to have.  The approach wasn’t that sophisticated—it involved plain-ol’-fashioned ‘buying them off’—as in paying publishers to print exactly want you want.

Advertisers talk about ‘media buys’ by which they mean purchasing advertising.  But politicians and corporations often didn’t wish to make their messages that obvious. They chose covert conduits to get their points across.  The infraction may not be that they told us lies.  It was the way they said it—without our consent.  In other words, our government wasn’t bashful about using the most egregious form of media purchase.  They didn’t buy air time for commercials—they bought journalists to color the news in hues of red, white, and blue.

Once upon a time, it was called propaganda.  As far back as 1922 with Walter Lippmann’s book on mass media, Public Opinion, asserted the great ‘herd’ known as American citizenry, must be guided by elites who manage the machinery of knowledge that circumvents the essential defect of Democracy, the ridiculous ideal of the “omni-competent citizen.”  Average persons should be no more than “interested spectators of action”. The consent of the governed is to be manufactured by the media. “As a result of psychological research, coupled with the modern means of communication, the practice of democracy has turned a corner…it is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy, that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes spontaneously from the human heart.”  We must move beyond this illusion to deal with the world not as we wish it to be, but as it really is.[xxviii]

That was the not-so-subtle admission of the truth.  But truth is not really the goal of the media.  It is to establish ‘norms’ and ‘guidelines’ for acceptable beliefs and behaviors.  Media seeks to keep us in line and rebel rousers in their place.  How does it do this?  Since World War II the media doesn’t simply ‘report the news’ that’s fit to print. Choices must be made. Slant must be added. The ‘spin’ and selectivity of which stories are ‘reported’ are the essential tools those at the helm of media weld to create public opinion.

One of the most refreshing aspects of John Stewart’s satirical Daily Show(which is one of my guilty pleasures, an oddity for a conservative like me) is that the news reported is ‘made up’.  Readers may be disappointed (as I am) that Stewart stoops to trash talking most conservatives (and using a lot of crude language in the process) but at least Stewart reminds us he makes up his version of ‘the truth’.  He readily admits his show specializes in ‘fake news’.   Nevertheless, as all good satire accomplishes, his program illustrates that much of the time, truth is better conveyed through humor and exaggeration.

In subtle contrast, cable news networks and the mainline media spin the truth and sometimes even intentionally ‘omit’ the truth; they just don’t ‘advertise’ the fact they do so.  Consider the three leading cable news networks:  FOX News which is far right, MSNBC which is far left, and CNN which is somewhere in between.  Characteristic of all these networks is the ‘homogenization’ of ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’. It is extremely difficult at times, unless the commentator is outrageous (which most commentators are on the ‘extreme networks’) to grasp which is which. No doubt the excesses are more entertaining. Plus, the general public wants something other than ‘being informed’—we actually want someone to reinforce the way we think with arguments that strengthen our already-settled point of view.  When it comes to learning the truth, we best recognize we are our own worst enemies.

But coming back to the main point, most brains aren’t washed; they’re just wiped off with a washcloth in the form of magazines, newspapers, and especially today, television.  If “politics is war by other means” (Carl von Clausewitz from the classic, On War),media is brainwashing by other means.  And lest we think this is a recent occurrence brought about by the ’24-hour news cycle’, we should realize this new approach to journalism dawned early in the post-World War II era.  The tough journalism that characterized America’s media before the war would soon be destroyed as elites in business and government grew more powerful and wouldn’t take ‘truth telling’ sitting down. ‘News’ would lose out to ‘views’—specifically viewsthe elites and media owners desired we have.

Alex Constantine quotes George Seldes in his survey of corporate power 1000 Americans, published in 1947 (that watershed year for America’s national security state).  He stated that while ‘muckraking’ journalism (better known today as investigative journalism) enjoyed sympathizers throughout the public, as the probes into propriety spared no one including the very rich and powerful, politicians and other spokespersons for “money, business and profiteering turned savagely upon the reallyfree press and destroyed it… Trash may indeed be the opium of the people, but it was not the real aim of the magazines to stupefy the public, merely to suppress the facts… to create a wasteland.”[xxix][Emphasis in original]  Alex Constantine relates the following facts about the CIA’s investment in selective truth-sharing with the public through their infamous project named (with a flair for the poetic), Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

What is the connection between mind-control and the media?

The CIA’s early forays into mind control experimentation on unconsenting subjects, for example, were justified by an ersatz cover story that POWs of the Korean War had been ‘brainwashed’ by their captors.  In fact, the Army investigation was unable to document a single case of ‘brainwashing’ among the prisoners released by the North Koreans.  The word was coined by Edward Hunter, a veteran OSS propagandist recruited to [Allen] Dulles, the Nazi-collaborating oligarch who, in fact, conceived of [Operation] MOCKINGBIRD as a mass mind control operation.[xxx]

In other words, the man who made up the term ‘brainwashing’ was paid by the CIA to bring out the ‘news’ of supposed communist mind control, to help justify the CIA program already underway. This approach of ‘making up the news’ to support government policy, particularly those aspects better kept under wraps, would become a standard operating procedure of our intelligence service.  The impact of this operation cannot be overestimated.  America’s news networks would never be the same.

Arguably, the primary centers of media are now far fewer in number.  In the last 20 years, 50 ‘owners’ of media have been condensed to five.[xxxi]Thus, less and less stakeholders shape the world we live in. News consists mostly in entertainment not truth.[xxxii]  An independent press, once a pillar in America’s concept of republicanism, seldom does its most vital job anymore.

In the 1950s through 1970s, it was clear the CIA wasn’t only dabbling in foisting military juntas and assassinating freely elected presidents (including one of our own), it had an appetite to capture the ‘free press’ and revamp its raison d’être.  The Cold War would be won or lost based upon waging psychological warfare.  National Socialism had Joseph Goebbels’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. But back here in the Statesas World War II ended, the CIA took it upon itself to be America’s counterpart source of all truth.

In the early 1950s, former Village Voicereporter Deborah Davis wrote in her biography of Katharine Graham [famous owner of the Washington Postleading the newspaper during the Watergate days], ‘[Frank] Wisner [of the CIA] had implemented his plan and ‘owned’ respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all, according to a former CIA analyst. The partnership was overseen by Allen Dulles, the ultimate insider, a virtual government Templar for German and American corporations who wanted their point of views represented in the media.  Early [Operation] MOCKINGBIRD swelled to influence some 25 newspapers and wire agencies by 1955, consenting, in the most frigid period of the Cold War, to act as founts of rightwing propaganda.  Many of these were already operated by men with highly reactionary view, among them William Paley (CBS), C.D. Jackson (Fortune), Henry Luce (Time) and Arthur Hays Sulzberger (N.Y. Times). [xxxiii][Clarifications mine]

MOCKINGBIRD was an immense financial undertaking with monies flowing through the CIA to the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) founded by Tom Braden, a ‘liberal’ who would become the famous opponent to ultra-conservative Pat Buchanon on CNN’s Crossfire.  CIA funding was ultimately made public through a scandal published in England’s Observerin 1967 calling to account the CIA culture, with MOCKINGBIRD the literary equivalent of The Bay of Pigs. “The CIA… financed the publication of well over a thousand books of anti-Soviet propaganda by 1967.” [xxxiv]

In Germany, the CIA financed a mega-media conglomerate owned by Herr Axel Springer to the tune of $7MM. He was eventually described as a man more powerful than Hitler.  While originally liberally minded, by 1968 his Springer Media Empire became especially conservative.  At this propitious point in time, it was obviously part and parcel of the German ‘establishment’.  As such, characteristic of the era, a throng of German youth rioted and trashed its editorial offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.  It would be another ten years before the CIA’s link to Springer was fully exposed.

Constantine sums up the essentials of CIA media management at its peak in the late 1970s:

Some 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees were engaged in propaganda efforts. The cost of disinforming the world cost American taxpayers an estimated $265 million a year by 1978, a budget larger than the combined expenditures of Reuters, UPI and the AP news syndicates. In 1977, the New York Times[given its history, a surprising instance of journalistic conscience] ran a front-page story detailing a worldwide propaganda effort, with direct CIA ownership of some 50 newspapers in the U.S. and elsewhere. In 1977, the Copely [sic] News Service admitted that it worked closely with the Company—to be sure, 23 employees at Copley along were full-time employees of the Agency.[xxxv][Comment mine]

Again, it is not so much that the CIA disinformedthe American public (to be grammatically correct, misinformed, but Constantine is word playing on ‘disinformation’).  As such, he overstates his case.  Much of the time, ‘disinformers’ were just being selective in what they said to serve the purpose of ‘reinforcing’ American values, especially the anti-communist agenda (that for the most part, the public applauded). Still, it was the mere fact our government chose to ‘control our minds’—to help us think the way that our leaders wanted us to think—that is objectionable. As the epigraph jokingly asserts at the front of this chapter, the government wasn’t offering its opinion—it was forcing its opinion upon us, without asking for critical thinking, let alone consent on our parts.  From that point forward, our leaders have assumed U.S. citizens were no longer capable of thinking for themselves.  It was better to script the truth for us.

But is this really a function we want our government to perform on our behalf?  Should this be the way a true democracy behaves? Can we roll the clock back to the way it was before mass media became the tool of the well-heeled who seek to dominate the ‘herd’?

The CIA’s out-of-control culture was tamed to some extent in the 1970s by the Senate’s Church Committee and the House Select Committee of Intelligence, Otis Pike, Chair.  A July 2009 article in the Washington Independentby Spencer Ackerman summarized the importance of these congressional committees with this description.

Many in the intelligence world and on the right view the committee investigations led by Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) and Rep. Otis Pike (D-N.Y.) as representing an apex of progressive congressional attempts to geld [emasculate] the intelligence community. Empaneled in response to a New York Timesarticle by Seymour Hersh in 1974 reporting widespread surveillance of U.S. citizens, the investigations unearthed other abuses, such as repeated CIA assassination attempts on foreign heads of state. It resulted in the passage of laws like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to prevent warrantless domestic surveillance and the creation of standing committees in Congress to oversee intelligence activities. Some conservatives view the investigations as an example of congressional overreach. “I think they undermined our capabilities in some respects,” former Vice President Dick Cheney told his biographer, Stephen F. Hayes.[xxxvi][Emphasis mine]

As a result of exposing how outrageous the CIA’s activities were, the House refused to publish its report until the White House approved it (i.e., censored it).  In the immediate years thereafter, as a reward for their patriotic efforts to investigate the ‘national security state’, Church and Pike were defeated in their re-election bids.  Constantine rightly concludes the truth citizens are supplied is heavily screened by a ‘two-pass’ filter:  ‘news’ is spun out by those directly on the payroll of the intelligence services as ‘authors’ or ‘press corps’; then, the media carefully selects its choices based on ownership prejudices.  Motivations aren’t always ideological; most of the time they are just based on achieving their ‘ratings’ goal. However,

Then and now, most consumers of the corporate media were totally unaware of the influence the CIA has on their own beliefs.  A network anchorman in the time of national crisis is an instrument of psychological warfare in the CIA culture.  He is a creature from the national security sector’s chamber of horrors. For this reason, consumers of the corporate press have reason to examine their basic beliefs and attitudes about government and life in the parallel universe of these United States. [xxxvii]

Multiple Personalities and Manchurian Candidates

Finally, we come to the issue of Manchurian candidates and how they are made.  The idea of these supposed amnesiac assassins who have been programmed to carry out ‘executive actions’ was first introduced to Americans by author Richard Condon in 1959.  The 1962 film starring Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey stunned the public with a no-longer-far-out notion that mind control could create killers who weren’t acting in accordance to their own will. They were doing the dirty-work of enemy powers.  So exactly how does one create a programmed assassin?  To answer this question, we must address the controversies surrounding the concept of a human being having multiple personalities or ego states.

Dr. ‘Jolly’ West, elephant hunter (mentioned earlier), co-authored a book, Hallucinations, Behavior, Experience, and Theorywith one Theodore Sarbin, Ph.D.  Dr. Sarbin is a member of the Scientific and Professional Advisory Board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.FMSF is a highly controversial organization that pits itself against the work of scores of psychiatrists and well-credentialed counselors who work with individuals diagnosed with multiple personality disorder(MPD) now defined as  ‘dissociative identity disorder’ or DID.  Dr. Colin Ross comments:  “Dr. Sarbin believes that multiple personality disorder is almost always a therapist-created artifact and does not exist as a naturally-occurring disorder…”  By “therapist-created artifact” Sarbin was implicitly convicting doctors who believe in DID of an iagenicphenomenon (an inadvertent adverse effect resulting from treatment by a physician).  Saying it a different way, DID results from psychiatrists and counselors who ‘put crazy ideas into their patients heads’.

Colin Ross is a staunch advocate for the reality of MPD/DID.  As such, he asserts a series of ‘counter-charges’ concerning the FMSF:

Denial of the reality of multiple personality by these doctors in the mind control network, who are also on the FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board, could be disinformation. The disinformation could be amplified by attacks on specialists in multiple personality as CIA conspiracy lunatics.

The FMSF is the only organization in the world that has attacked the reality of multiple personality in an organized, systematic fashion.  FMSF…Board Members publish most of the articles and letters to editors of psychiatry journals hostile to multiple personality disorder.  They claim that most if not all cases have been created unwittingly by therapists, using the same techniques of mind control employed by destructive cults.  Is this honest academic opinion, or disinformation?  If any (of these board members)…are attaching (MPD) for disinformation purposes, that in itself is a violation of professional and medical ethics. [xxxviii]

Over the past 30 years, controversy has raged over DID and the academically-accepted judgment that ‘responsible’ therapists never diagnose this malady. Hence, extreme memories that scores of their patients bring to light during therapy (which seem too horrible to be true) must logically be ‘false memories’.  Ross and other professionals with a similar counter-opinion to the FMSF, point out it is hardly coincidental those doctors proclaiming these dramatic recollections to be ‘fictitious’ are in fact the very doctors who were responsible for doing devious if not diabolical tests and treatments in the first place.  In essence, the foundation is an organized cover-up.  By publishing papers which give ‘false memory syndrome’ the sound of a real disorder, the denial of DID achieves standing. It appears fully backed by scientific authority. But the reality is quite different. FMSF is not a listed disorder in the DSM-IV book for psychiatrists while DID is (DSM-IV stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders {DSM} published by the American Psychiatric Association; the last revision being in 2000).

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Author and authority on the subject of DID, Deborah Bray Haddock, begins defining DID in The Dissociative Identity Disorder Sourcebook,by pointing out that everyone ‘dissociates’ to some extent:  daydreaming is one form of dissociative behavior.  Furthermore, we all ‘compartmentalize’ certain personas connected to our surroundings.  We may act differently at work than we do at home.  The person we are in high school may not be the same person we display in college.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Primarily, we are ‘coping’ with the situation or adapting to what we perceive is the best way for us to interact with others.  Although we don’t select these personas mechanically, we transition between them naturally and are somewhat aware of this when we do.  In contrast, a person with DID will make this ‘switch’ and not be conscious of it.  This is especially so when this individual encounters trauma and stress:

We all use defenses when faced with overwhelming stress. These are what help to protect us emotionally. Dissociation is just one way people insulate themselves from pain. Even if the behavior falls into the category of dysfunctional dissociation, it does not mean that the person who is dissociating should feel shame. The dissociation actually served as a very adaptive and life-affirming defense at one point in time. The issue is that once the trauma is over and the threat no longer exists, the dissociation begins to interfere with life functioning, which is what makes it maladaptive in the present. This type of dissociation can then manifest in various psychological disorders…[xxxix]

DID is akin to post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and may be diagnosed as borderline personality disorder.  DID often entails amnesia and ‘missing time’.  However, in contradistinction to the common misconception, DID is not schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is an illness based on chemical imbalances in the body.  While the two are frequently misdiagnosed and lumped into the same category, they are quite distinct.  In fact, persons with DID don’t think of themselves as ‘mentally ill’—despite the fact they possess a multiplicity of ‘personalities’ with distinctive behaviors, skills, and unique names.

It is this last element which characterizes the common awareness of the disorder.  When professionals discuss the various ‘ego states’ (i.e., personas), they refer to them as ‘alters’.  Alters are the separate personas responding to definite triggers calling them forth. Once called upon, the alterbecomes the operative persona in control of a given situation.  A person with DID who has not entered into therapy is usually not aware of their ‘alters’. Indeed, DID sufferers slip into a selected alteras a coping mechanism upon a distinctive type of trauma or specifically structured ‘trigger’ if these alters have been programmed into the individual.   Changing from one alter to another (or from the ‘host persona’ to an alter) is called ‘switching’.  Famous movies and TV shows like The Three Facesof Eve(1957) and Sybil(1976) dramatized the switching of alters. However, professionals in the field indicate such switching is not always instant and dramatic, although extreme cases may present this way.

DID as the Basis for the Manchurian Candidate Kids

“Jolly” West wrote about the reality of DID in a 1994 text referencing the renowned case of Patty Hearst (heiress of the Hearst fortune, Hearst himself a famous media mogul).  “Prolonged environmental stress or life situations profoundly different from the usual, can disrupt the normally integrative functions of personality. Individuals subjected to such forces may adapt through dissociation by generating an altered persona, or pseudo-identity.” [xl]Dr. West examined Patricia (Patty) Hearst before her trial for bank robbery.  During his examination, he identified an alter named ‘Pearl’ which resulted from the horrible trauma she suffered at the hands of the Symbionese Liberation Army in February of 1974.

The traumatic kidnapping and subsequent two months of torture produced in her a state of emotional regression and fearful compliance with the demands and expectations of her captors.

This was quickly followed by the coerced transformation of Patty into Tania and subsequently (less well known to the public) into Pearl, after additional trauma over a period of many months… Tania was merely a role coerced on pain of death; it was Pearl who later represented the pseudo-identity which was found on psychiatric examination by one of us (West) shortly after Hearst’s arrest by the FBI.  Chronic symptoms of PTSD were also prominent in this case.[xli]

In this instance, even Dr. West admitted that DID was a reality.  One wonders why he chose to be so unforgiving of other psychiatrists who encountered patients with DID as a result of traumatic abuse.[xlii]

It seems the science of structuring personalities became an obsession with the MKULTRA scientists during the 1950s and 60s.  Alex Constantine explains the incredible extent of the research (Tulane, McGill, Yale, UCLA, and Harvard) and the astonishing fact the CIA sponsored experiments on children, by no less than José Delgado, a Yale psychiatrist who plugged electrodes into the brain of an 11-year old boy, testing his sensitivity to radio transmission at 100 feet.  The experiment was a big success. The boy was completely stripped of his sexual identity—he became unable to remember whether he was a boy or a girl.  Yet another noteworthy advance for science.

Children were subjected to experimentation because they could easily be programmed to create alters typically ‘on command’.  New Orleans psychologist Valerie Wolf treated numerous young patients who were victimized by CIA-funded research at America’s best universities. She testified to the President’s Advisory Committee on Radiation Experiments, on March 15, 1995, that “most of these patients responded to certain sounds, clickers, metronomes or just clicking the tongue or hand clapping.  Patients would vacillate from calm to robotically asking, ‘Who do you want me to kill?’” [xliii][Emphasis in original]  Especially scary was Wolf’s commentary that:  “Most patients reported neo-Nazi alter personalitieswho believed in the coming of the next Reich.” [xliv][Emphasis mine]

This incredible fact betrays a tell-tale sign owing to one particular programmer we will discuss in a later chapter.  No wonder Constantine sardonically observes:  “The CIA, Pentagon, and an army of Nazi recruits have since consummated an ideological bond that has held in sickness and in stealth.”[xlv]A marriage of convenience indeed.

Constantine quotes a survivor of the CIA experiments with children, Claudia Mullens that testified at the same Advisory Committee hearings as Wolf about a trip in 1959 to the Deer Creek camp in Maryland when children were trained as prostitutes to be used in blackmail operations, typically in the so-called ‘safe houses’ briefly alluded to earlier, where targeted ‘Johns’ were entrapped.  Mullens alleged her host was one Mr. Sheiber, an alias for “the CIA’s Notorious LSDmeisterDr. Sidney Gottleib.”[xlvi]We will see this act would hardly be out of character for the not-so-good doctor.

Most of the men I came to know well were either there as observers or volunteer targets.  We were taught different ways to please men and at the same time ask questions to get them to talk about themselves.  Then we had to recall everything about them… After this trip, I mainly went to hospitals, Army or Air Force bases or universities or the hotels in New Orleans and a place called the TRIMS facility in Texas.[xlvii]

Another survivor will subsequently testify that Sidney was a very busy man with a particular proclivity for pedophilia.

The Extent and Complexity of Child Programming

The tragic legacy of the early-CIA continues to our day. A Google search on mind control returns an astounding set of results.  There are hundreds of papers on the subject, some challenging the view that DID exists and was methodically used as a weapon of war, but most supporting it. In other words, it isn’t hard to find strong, scientific proof.  And documenting the extent of the problem isn’t difficult either.  For instance, a conference held in the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles (circa 1995) entitled, “Mind Control, Multiplicity and Ritual Abuse” drew 100 psychologists to learn about the “Landscape of Alters.” The speaker was Catherine Gould. Her theme revolved around the challenges of mind-control victims who are trapped within the underworld of ritual abuse.  She indicated it isn’t unusual for some patients to report back to their abusers the details of their therapy sessions; one of their altersis programmed for this very purpose.  It appears an ongoing battle exists between abusers and therapists every day.  Gould speaks of the horror victims (also known as survivors) experience:

“Sexual abuse may be only one part of the traumatization pattern. Mind control is originally established when the victim is a child under six years old. During this formative stage of development, the perpetrator systematically combines dissociation-enhancing drugs, pain, sexual assault, terror and other forms of psychological abuse in such a way that the child dissociates the intolerable traumatic experience. The exception is the child who cannot dissociate and was exposed to horror, disintegration and psychological death. The mother herself may be a cult multiple and an amnesiac. The worst perpetrator is rage-based, disconnected from the core personality, and the alter feels disdain for the victim.”[xlviii]

Gould writes in an article entitled, “Denying Ritual Abuse of Children”, appearing in the Journal of Psychohistory22 (3) 1995:

The evidence is rapidly accumulating that the problem of ritual abuse is considerable in scope and extremely grave in its consequences.Among 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association who responded to a poll, 2,292 cases of ritual abuse were reported (Bottoms, Shaver, & Goodman, 1993). In 1992 alone, Childhelp USAlogged 1,741 calls pertaining to ritual abuse, Monarch Resources of Los Angeles logged approximately 5,000, Real Active Survivors tallied nearly 3,600, Justus Unlimited of Colorado received almost 7,000, and Looking Upof Maine handled around 6,000. Even allowing for some of these calls to have been made by people who assist survivors but are not themselves survivors, and for some survivors to have called more that [sic] one helpline or made multiple calls to the same helpline, these numbers suggest that at a minimum there must be tens of thousands of survivorsof ritual abuse in the United States.[xlix][Bolding in original]

Perhaps the most compelling evidence for mind-control programming and how it is intentionally structured, was provided in a landmark lecture by D. Corydon Hammond, originally entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse,” but classically known as the “Greenbaum Speech,” delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, Thursday June 25, 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia.  As the reader moves through the large portion of the speech I cite, note how ‘mind control programming’ is truly a technical science, not just horrendous random act of cruelty.  It has been perfected over several decades (begun in Auschwitz by German doctors there) and polished into rigidly constructed methods through MKULTRA. The truth is ghastly.

The section of the speech I quote here deals with the ‘structuring and layering’ of personalities (and their purpose). I will cover another portion of the speech in a later chapter when we cover the key personality (a notorious Nazi SS doctor) at the helm of mind-control programming in America.  Keep in mind Dr. Hammond is addressing other psychiatrists and counselors to instruct them how to treat this very sinister form of DID. I will provide some clarification in double brackets to provide some missing background supplying context:

Without leading them ask them what these things are. I’ve had consults where I’ve come in. Sometimes I’ve gotten a Yes to that, but as I’ve done exploration it appeared to be some kind of compliance response or somebody wanting, in two or three cases, to appear maybe that they were ritual abuse and maybe they were in some way, but with careful inquiry and looking it was obvious that they did not have what we were looking for. [Hammond is saying that these patients are simply victims of ritual abuse—they are victims of structured programming by experts].

Let me tell you what these [personalities] are. Let’s suppose that this whole front row here are multiples [the top layer of personalities that are most visible to the therapist] and that she has an alter named Helenand she has one named Mary, she has one named Gertrude, she has one named Elizabeth, and she has one named Monica. Every one of those alters may have put on it a program, perhaps designated alpha-zero-zero-nine a Cult person could say, “Alpha-zero-zero-nine” or make some kind of hand gesture to indicate this and get the same part out in any one of them even though they had different names that they may be known by to you. [Hammond is saying there are common structures across the range of victims programmed by the CIA].

Alphasappear to represent general programming, the first kind of things put in. Betas appear to be sexual programs. For example, how to perform oral sex in a certain way, how to perform sex in rituals, having to do with producing child pornography, directing child pornography, prostitution. Deltasare killers trained in how to kill in ceremonies. There’ll also be some self-harm stuff mixed in with that, assassination and killing. Thetasare called psychickillers [which attempt to use psychic powers to kill a remote victim]. You know, I had never in my life heard those two terms paired together. I’d never heard the words “psychic killers” put together, but when you have people in different states, including therapists inquiring and asking, “What is Theta,” and patients say to them, “Psychic killers,” it tends to make one a believer that certain things are very systematic and very widespread. This comes from their belief in psychic sorts of abilities and powers, including their ability to psychically communicate with “mother'” including their ability to psychically cause somebody to develop a brain aneurysm and die. It also is a more future-oriented kind of programming [Here Hammond suggests that there are ‘latent’ killers-in-waiting, to be triggered in the future. Fortunately, programming does wear off in a decade or two unbeknownst to the programmers back in the 1950s and 60s].

Then there’s Omega. I usually don’t include that word when I say my first question about this or any part inside that knows about Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta because Omegawill shake them even more. Omega has to do with self-destruct programming. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.This can include self-mutilation as well as killing-themselves programming.

Gamma Appears to be system-protection and deception programming which will provide misinformation to you, try to misdirect you, tell you half-truths, protect different things inside. There can also be other Greek letters. I’d recommend that you go and get your entire Greek alphabet and if you have verified that some of this stuff is present and they have given you some of the right answers about what some of this material is, and I can’t underline enough: DO NOT LEAD THEM. Do not say, “Is this killers?” Get the answer from them, please. When you’ve done this and it appears to be present, I would take your entire Greek alphabet and, with ideomotor signals, go through the alphabet and say, “Is there any programming inside associated with epsilon, omicron,” and go on through. There may be some sytematicness [sic] to some of the other letter, but I’m not aware of it.

I’ve found, for example, in one case that Zeta had to do with the production of snuff films that this person was involved with. With another person, Omicron had to do with their linkage and associations with drug smuggling and with the Mafia and with big business and government leaders [Some researchers suspect that the CIA colluded with the Mafia, not only to assassinate key political leaders, but to run drugs and generate funds for their ‘black ops’].  So there’s going to be some individualism, I think, in some of those. Some of those are come-home programs, “come back to the Cult”, “return to the Cult” program. [There is another theory that Cults were established by the CIA as covers for their assassins-in-hiding].

Here’s the flaw in the system. They have built in shut-down and erasure codes so if they got into trouble they could shut something down and they could also erase something. These codes will sometimes be idiosyncratic phrases, or ditties. Sometimes they will be numbers, maybe followed by a word. There’s some real individuality to that [It is not consistent across all programmed assassins]. At first I had hoped if we can get some of these maybe they’ll work with different people. No such luck. It’s very unlikely unless they were programmed at about the same point in time as part of the same little group. Stuff that I’ve seen suggests that they carry laptop computers, the programmers, which still include everything that they did twenty, thirty years ago in them in terms of the names of alters, the programs, the codes, and so on. [Hammond is saying that these American assassins are still under protection and subject to continual programming.  They are lurking, waiting for a specific trigger].

Now what you can do is get erasure codes, and I always ask, “If I say this code, what will happen?’ Double-check. “Is there any part inside who has different information?” Watch your ideomotor signals and what I’ve found is you can erase programs by giving the appropriate codes, but then you must abreact the feelings [Abreacting is equivalent to making the victim re-experience the abuse and the programming.  It is painful but is the pathway to erasing the programming.]

So if you erase Omega, which is often where I’ve started because it’s the most-high risk. Afterwards I will get all the Omega, what were formerly Omegaalters, together so that we will abreact and give back to the host the memories associated with all the programming that was done with Omega and anything any Omega part ever had to do in a fractionated abreaction.

They use the metaphor — and it is their metaphor — of robots. and it is like a robot shell comes down over the child alterto make them act in robotic fashion. Once in a while internally you’ll confront robots.

What I found from earlier work, and so I speed the process up now because I confirmed it enough times, is that you can say to the core, “Core, [or ‘host’ primary personality] I want you to look — there’s this robot blocking the way in some way, blocking the progress. Go around and look at the back of the head and tell me what you notice on the back of the head or the neck.” I just ask it very non-leading like that and what’s commonly said to me is that there were wires or a switch. So I’ll tell them, “Hold the wires or flip the switch and it will immobilize the robot and give me a yes-signal when you’ve done it.” Pretty soon you get a yes-signal. “Great. Now that the robot is immobilized, I want you to look inside the robot and tell me what you see.” It’s generally one or several children. I have them remove the children. I do a little hypnotic magic and ask the core to use a laser and vaporize the robot so nothing is left. They’re usually quite amazed that this works, as have been a number of therapists. [Pause]

Now there are many different layers of this stuff is the problem. Let me come over to the overhead and give some ideas about them. What we have up here are innumerable alters. I’ll tell you one of the fascinating things I’ve seen. I remember a little over a year ago coming in to see some cases, some of the tough cases at a dissociative-disorders unit of a couple of the finest of the MPD therapists in this country, who are always part of all the international meetings, have lectured internationally. We worked and I look at some of their patients. They were amazed at certain things because they had not been aware of this before. As we worked with some of the patients and confirmed it, I remember one woman who’d been inpatient for three years, still was inpatient. Another who had one intensive year of inpatient work with all the finest MPD therapy you can imagine — abreactions, integrations, facilitating cooperation, art therapy, on and on and on, journaling, intensively for one inpatient year followed by an intensive year of outpatient therapy two, three hours a week. In both patients we found out that all of this great work had done nothing but deal with the alters up here and had not touched the mind-control programming.

In fact it was not only intact, but we found that the one who was outpatient was having her therapy monitored every session by her mother, out-of-state, over the telephone, and that she still had intact suggestions that had been given to her at a certain future time to kill her therapist.

Now one of the things that I would very carefully check is, I would suggest that you ask the core, not just the unconscious mind, ask the core“Is there any part inside that continues to have contact with people associated with the Cult? Is there any part inside who goes to Cult rituals or meetings? Is there a recording device inside of Mary,” if that’s the host’s name, “a recording device inside so that someone can find out the things that are said in sessions?” This doesn’t mean they’re monitored. Many of them just simply have it. “Is there someone who debriefs some part inside for what happens in our therapy sessions?” I have the very uncomfortable feeling from some past experience that when you look at this you will find the large proportion of ritual-abuse victims in this country are having their ongoing therapy monitored [A statement confirming what Catherine Gould had asserted].

I remember a woman who came in about twenty-four years old, claimed her father was a Satanist. Her parents divorced when she was six. After that it would only when her father had visitation and he would take her to rituals sometimes up until age fifteen. She said, “I haven’t gone to anything since I was fifteen.” Her therapist believed this at face value. We sat in my office. We did a two-hour inquiry using hypnosis. We found the programming present. In addition to that we found that every therapy session was debriefed and in fact they had told her to get sick and not come to the appointment with me. Another one had been told that I was Cult and that if she came I would know that she’d been told not to come and I would punish her. If anything meaningful comes out in a patient who’s being monitored like that — from what I’ve learned thus far, they’re tortured with electric shocks — my belief is if they’re in that situation you can’t do meaningful therapy other than being supportive and caring and letting them know you care a lot and you’ll be there to support them [This misdirection on the part of the programmers plays on the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, where captives (or victims) identify with their captors since they believe their fate rests totally in their hands.]

But I wouldn’t try to work with any kind of deep material or deprogramming with them because I think it can do nothing but get them tortured and hurt unless they can get into a safe, secure inpatient unit for an extended period of time to do some of the work required. I have a feeling that when you make inquiries you’re going to find that probably greater than fifty percent of these patients, if they’re bloodline, meaning mother or dad or both involved, will be monitored on some ongoing basis. [The issue of bloodline is also known as ‘generational’ abuse, since it appears in successive generations of certain families.  As we will describe in the final chapter, generational abuse is a noteworthy (but mostly unknown) feature of being in a ‘royal family’.  But we will address this game-changing topic in our final chapter].

Now when you come below the alters, you then have Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, so and so forth, the Greek-letter programming and they will then have backup programs. There will typically be an erasure code for the backups. There may be one code that combines all the backups into one and then an erasure code for them, simply one code that erases all the backups. So I will get the code for, let’s say, Omega and for all the Omega backups at the same time. After I’ve asked “What will happen if I give this,” I will give the code and then I will say, “What are you experiencing?” They often describe computer whirring, things erasing, explosions inside, all sorts of interesting things.

I’ve had some therapists come back and say, “My Lord, I had never said anything about robots she said something about robots vaporizing.” I remember one therapist who’d been with me in several hypnosis workshops and consulted with me about a crisis MPD situation. I told her to inquire about Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta. She did. She got back to me saying, “Yeah, I got an indication it’s there. What is it?” I said, “I’m not going to tell you. Go back and inquire about some of this.” We set an appointment for a week or so hence. She got back with me and said, “I asked what Theta was and she said, ‘psychic killers.’ I asked her what Delta was and she said ‘killers.'” Okay. So I told her about some of this stuff for a two-hour consult. She called back and she said, “This seemed too fantastic. I heard this and I thought, ‘Has Cory been working too hard?'” she said, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but she said, “I held you in high professional regard, but this just sounded so off in the twilight zone that I really thought, ‘Is he having a nervous breakdown or something?'” She said, “But I respected you enough to ask about this.” [For therapists, the reader, and previously, even for this author, the fantastic qualities of these realities are simply too incredible to believe. But facts are very persistent things. Reluctantly, those who research and do therapy have no choice but to believe].

She said, “I asked another MPD patient and she didn’t have any of this.” So in this patient she started describing things and how she worked, for example, with an erasure and she was describing things like robots vaporizing and kinds of things. She said, “I hadn’t told her about any of these things.” Well, here’s the problem. There are different layers and I think some of them are designed to keep us going in circles forever. They figured we probably, in most cases, wouldn’t get below the alters which they purposefully created. [In my discussions with therapists, I consistently hear this today—mind-control programming was intended to be impenetrable].

[Hammond sums up] The way you create Manchurian Candidates is you divide the mind. It’s part of what the Intelligence Community wanted to look at. If you’re going to get an assassin, you’re going to get somebody to go do something, you divide the mind. It fascinates me about cases like the assassination of Robert Kennedy, where Bernard Diamond, on examining Sirhan Sirhan found that he had total amnesia of the killing of Robert Kennedy, but under hypnosis could remember it. But despite suggestions he would be able to consciously remember, could not remember a thing after was out of hypnosis. I’d love to examine Sirhan Sirhan.[l][Bolding and italics mine]

In case the last point doesn’t hit home, the implication is that the assassin of Robert Kennedy was a victim of mind control.  Sirhan Sirhan was in reality a Manchurian Candidate, except his ‘Manchuria’ was Langley, Virginia, and his programmers weren’t North Korean intelligence operatives, but CIA scientists associated with MKULTRA.  Robert Kennedy knew who killed his brother John.  The CIA knew that he knew.

It should be no surprise the person to interview and assess the sanity of Jack Ruby, assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald (the supposed assassin of John Kennedy), was our friend Dr. Jolyon West.  In 1963, West was at the high water mark of his MKULTRA experiments.  Knowing what we know now, we would expect that West would diagnose Ruby as paranoid, unbalanced, and full of anger and rage. No surprise then that this is exactly what he reported.  The real truth was most likely that Ruby was being pressured by the CIA (perhaps through his Mafia connections) to assist in the Kennedy cover-up by killing Oswald. A personal source who is highly regarded in this field has provided information to this author that Ruby knew he was dying of cancer (which he did only a couple of years later).  His offer to eliminate Oswald was in exchange for the ongoing care of his family by the Mafia (of which he was closely associated).

One wonders, what would psychiatrists discover if they could interview Oswald today?  Would it be similar to the conclusions drawn about Sirhan Sirhan?  It appears highly likely that at the end of the day, the CIA didn’t kill just one Kennedy brother, they killed two.  No wonder Edward Kennedy was at the front of the committee investigating the CIA culture of deception and abuse of power in 1975-77. It’s also no wonder he settled for only a few headlines and never pressed for prosecution of CIA officials who were known to be lying to Congress under oath.  Edward Kennedy may have been ‘liberal’—but he certainly wasn’t stupid.  He knew he would be in the gun sights of those in the CIA cabal should he push too hard.

Conclusion—Why Did the CIA Go Down this Path?

The CIA investigated drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, but ultimately settled on the phenomenon of creating alters (engineering dissociative identity disorder in selected ‘agents), because it was the most reliable and persistent method to create proxies who could act on orders without second-guessing command; these agents wouldn’t remember what they had done.  If investigators started getting too close, the victims of this mind control programming would switch to the specially created alter assigned as their ‘self-destruct’ button.  It was a perfect system.  The CIA had ‘broken the code’ of human personality formation and turned a psychological disorder into a weapon of war.

Dr. John Gittinger, a scientist working in the Psyche Ward at the Oklahoma Memorial Hospital in the 1950s and 60s, developed a highly-reliable personality test (the Personality Assessment System, or PAS) for the CIA to use in identifying persons who were likely to be sexual deviants and alcoholics.  Knowing the weaknesses of certain individuals could turn these ‘unusual suspects’ into CIA assets.  The Gittinger Test is still used today.[li]

When speaking to John Marks in the late 1970s (Marks, the author of In Search of the Manchurian Candidate),Gittinger denied the viability of creating assassins using hypnosis.  He indicated that these efforts proved fruitless.  Commenting on Fidel Castro as the top target of the CIA, “Could you get somebody gung-ho enough that they would go in and get him?”  Marks comments, “In the end, he states, they decided there were more reliable ways to kill people.” Continuing with the Marks’ interview of Gittinger:  “You can get exactly the same thing from people who are hypnotizable by many other ways; and you can’t get anything out of people who are not hypnotizable, so it has no use.”[lii]  Of course, the subject of the questioning washypnosis.  When John Marks queried Gittinger in the 1970s, there was almost no awareness that the CIA would stoop to torturing children to create assassins who would be latent dissociated killer personalities lying in wait.  And it’s certainly possible Gittinger knew little or nothing about Gottleib’s pet program. How ironic Gittinger’s PAS continues to influence our society!  It is even more amazing to this author once discovering that Gittinger’s program, as near fool-proof as it is, was first proven on two types of hamburger cooks in Oklahoma diners in obscure little towns, before the era of McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s.[liii]  In our fallen world, apparently even the gravest evil can be cooked up in small town America.

It should be mentioned that John McCone, a temporary CIA Director who was appointed by Kennedy after firing Allen Dulles, wasn’t inclined to follow in such a clandestine path.  The Technical Services Staff (TSS) within which the behavioral testing was contracted out, was stripped of much of its power.  Later in 1963, “the CIA Inspector General did the study that led to the suspension of unwitting drug testing in the San Francisco and New York safehouses. This was a blow to Gottlieb, who clearly intended to hold on to thiskind of research.” [Emphasis in original] [liv]  The Inspector General recommended changing the charter for MKULTRA on the pretense that many of the subprojects were not of sufficient sensitivity to justify the cost of record keeping.  By asserting this perspective the Inspector General certainly achieved a new level of irony!  The author supposes his inspection to be rather half-hearted. But no worries: the succeeding Director, Richard Helms, agreed to a new charter, provided that it was no different from the old one.

Marks comments at the 1977 Senate hearings, “CIA Director Standsfield Turner summed up some of MKULTRA’s accomplishments over its 11-year existence:  The program contracted out work to 80 institutions, which included 44 colleges or universities, 15 research facilities or private companies, 12 hospitals or clinics, and 3 penal institutions.  I estimate that MKULTRA cost the taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million.”[lv]

MKULTRA was the most massive abuse of government power in our history. Its affects continue to influence America today.  For all we know, its killers may still be activated at some time in the future—if their programming holds for the duration.

As MKULTRA (and its successor MKSEARCH) wound down in the early 1970s, Gottleib publicly minimized the value gained by the taxpayer investment, echoing the same opinion as Gittinger:

On the scientific side, it has become very clear that effect on individual human beings, under specific circumstances, to be operationally useful.  Our operations officers, particularly the emerging group of new senior operations officers, have shown a discerning and perhaps commendable distaste for utilizing these materials and techniques.  They seem to realize that, in addition to moral and ethical considerations, the extreme sensitivity and security constraints of such operations effectively rule them out.[lvi]

Such words smack of the greatest, most perverse form of disingenuousness ever offered by a government official to the American public.  In effect, Gottleib asserted MKULTRA results were not useful, admitted they were immoral and unethical, and applauded the ‘next generation’ of CIA officers for their distaste of such tactics and the good judgment that keeping such operations secret was impractical.  We can only hope his comments are at least partially true.  Surely there is more ethical and responsible leadership in charge of our intelligence services today.

Shortly after opining with these words, Gottleib followed Richard Helms into retirement.  In 1973, Helms ordered a destruction of all documents associated with MKULTRA.  It was arguably the greatest shredding party ever, likely exceeding the famous Oliver North Iran-Contra’s shredding party in 1986. Unfortunately for Helms and Gottleib, and fortunately for true American patriots who believe that government should be the servant of the people and not a slave-master, seven boxes of financial materials were saved from shredding.  It was this cache of documents that led to John Mark’s 1978 book, In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, and first made America aware that the advocates of the ‘national security state’ and the ‘military-industrial complex’ were literally out of control.  Ultimately, Marks was able to convince the press—surprising given their oft-purchased proclivity to protect the guilty in government—that the CIA and all of our intelligence services must be monitored more carefully.  However, the ultimate question remains, “Is any institution, including the Executive Branch of our government or our Congress, powerful enough to control what this shadow governmentdoes?”  When it comes to ‘the herd’ (as Lippmann called the masses of American citizens) even if we were completely convinced of its existence, would we be too frightened to call for its dismantling?

To conclude this chapter, I offer another quotation documented by Marks who cited a CIA researcher in the 1970s.  His comment also introduces the subject of the next chapter:  “We looked at the manipulation of genes…We were interested in gene splintering.  The rest of the world didn’t ask until 1976 the type of questions we were facing in 1965… Everybody was afraid of building the super-soldier who would take orders without questioning, like the kamikaze pilot.  Creating a subservient society was not out of sight.”[lvii]

Based upon this research, we see how social engineers have the power to manipulate American citizens into a ‘subservient’ society.  But has America already become a subservient society?  Has the impact of the press and media over the years brainwashed the public? Are we now ‘amoral citizens’ without any compunction to challenge injustice in our government?  Are our patriotic sentiments the programming of our government to keep us “fat, dumb, and happy?”  Is personal freedom dissolved into a universal psychological operation such that social dissent is now impossible for respectable citizens?  What would Henry David Thoreau think if he were alive today?  How would he challenge us to resist an immoral civil government?  Is Civil Disobediencejust a relic of America’s past when we cared about personal freedoms and stood up for ethical standards?  Are these admissions of governmental suppression of freedom a witness to the reality the Spirit of Antichrist has achieved ascendancy in America?

Unquestionably, out of our unprecedented paranoia we allowed our own government to do that which we dreaded the Soviets would.  In the final analysis, the devil we knew may have been worse than the devil we feared.

Such is the predictable behavior of any government loosed from its ethical moorings, chronically lying to its people, and lost in its own debauched efforts to preserve itself at all costs.  We have seen this saga played out before in Nazi Germany.  It happened clandestinely in the latter half of the twentieth century in America.  Is it possible the shadow government steered by the ‘elites’ will become overt today, ‘out in the open’ as it were, relinquishing national sovereignty and leading the world to the global government promised by the intelligentsia for the past 100 years?


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