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The Crisis in Ukraine: War or Rumors of War?

I have the privilege and pleasure of working with two terrific authors who are respectively experts in global finance and geopolitical strategy, Benjamin Baruch and Jeffrey Nyquist. This past week, Ben and Jeff published an important article in News with Views on the crisis in the Ukraine that reinforces my research on what is happening in the Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, and US/NATO responses–and why the issues matter so much to us in the U.S. today.  Be looking for a new book by these two which I will be supporting in several ways (to be announced later).  That book is referenced … Read More

Could America be Judged Before the Rapture of the Church?

This past week, I spoke at the Prophecy in the News Summit at Pikes Peak, taking place in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The attendees numbered over 700 plus a very large global audience viewing through the live stream facility.  I spoke on two topics.  One was AFTER THE BLOOD MOON:  WHAT COMES NEXT.

My presentation before the largest audience was THE COMING JUDGMENT ON AMERICA: IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE UNITED STATES?New-York-Destroyed

My latest book provided the background story to the presentation.  The feedback was excellent.  What might be surprising to many:  the conference is attended primarily by evangelicals who … Read More


I am excited to announce today that my latest book, IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE U.S.? is available at and various other book sellers.  The printed version is now available as is the Kindle (eBook) version.

The printed version retails for $9.95 and the Amazon Kindle format version is priced at $4.95.  In about 2 weeks, it will be available on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble NOOK, and LULU (in ePUB format).

For the printed version, this book comprises the first in a new format.  I would appreciate your feedback on that format.  It is an 8.5 x … Read More


One of my ‘eschatological friends’ and strong students of Bible prophecy was gracious to write a thoughtful review of my new book which is now available in print (and will be available in ebook format by August 1).  Click Here for book.  I hope you enjoy his overview and analysis.

Thanks Eric Wemmer!  YOU ROCK!


A cutting edge, provocative geopolitical and historical prophetic analysis that warns Russia is close to inititating Ezekiel 38

on July 24, 2015

Mr. Woodward clearly has a burden in regards to how much saber rattling and provocative actions and maneuvers have occurred

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This week I was blessed to spend time with my friend, Josh Peck, being interviewed on his show, THE SHARPENING.  Josh has been so faithful to do his show week-in and week-out for 75 weeks in a row!  I guess I was his diamond guest, as the show we just did was #75!

We spent almost two hours (we tend to do marathon shows) on the serious topic of my latest book, now available in printed format at Amazon.  IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE U.S.?  If you are serious about wanting to know what might happen over the next … Read More