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My new book, REBOOTING THE BIBLE, was a quest of research spurred by the work of a genius Aussie polymath, Barry Setterfield.  This new 30-minute video by Setterfield provides a graphic presentation supporting several of my key tenets. It’s a powerful piece.

I am very pleased to share this video by Barry Setterfield.  He surfaces numerous salient points that demonstrate how the Masoretic text was corrupted in numerous ways by ‘founding’ rabbis ca.100 AD.

What difference does this make?  Our modern Bibles are based, primarily, on the Masoretic text.  And yet, there are a large number of believers in biblical … Read More


Rebooting the Bible, now on KINDLE for $9.99.

The KINDLE version of Rebooting the Bible (RTB) is now complete and takes advantage of the new features for constructing an eBook for Kindle.  These combine to create a very pleasing digital book that takes advantage of the digital environment.  For example, the following features are all incorporated in RTB.

  1. A hyperlinked table of contents to jump to the topics in the book (approximately 60 locations within the text).
  2. A hyperlinked table of figures, that enables a quick return to the illustrations in the book.  There are over 50 illustrations, maps,
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REBOOTING THE BIBLE – Product Release Monday, December 17, 2018

Announcing the Availability of the Latest Book by
S. Douglas Woodward
December 17, 2018 on Amazon


Synopsis of: Rebooting the Bible

For five hundred years, the Church used this Old Testament Bible. Its Apostles quoted this Bible almost 300 times when they created the books of the New Testament.  We know this Bible as the Greek Septuagint (LXX).

Its Pentateuch was created about 280 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt, only 200 years after the Hebrew Bible had been assembled by Ezra in Jerusalem. Translators added the remaining books over the next 150 years.  Once finished, Greek-speaking Jews throughout … Read More