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As usual, Caroline Glick brings a lot of sanity to the question of how best to resolve the 70-year Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

(This article summarizes what I believe are the key points in her lengthy article found by clicking HERE).

Although she was written about how a one-state solution could work, she cites a recent speech made by John Bolton at the famous King David Hotel, in which former UN Ambassador Bolton laid out a plan for how law and order can be restored to Gaza, Judea, and Samaria – those areas most in dispute and where violence has become … Read More

Enemies on All Four Sides – And Inside the Whitehouse Walls Too

As usual, Caroline Glick has a way to get to the heart of a matter really fast.  Her article, “Trump and Israel:  Enemies of the System” (05/19/2017) runs through the media maze right to the center of the puzzle.  Her summation of the situation provides some important insights that not only pertain to Israel’s relationship with the U.S. but also identifies who the culprits are that have been giving Trump such a hard time, making learning his new role an impossible task.

No doubt this past week has been one of the most turbulent in American presidential politics in recent … Read More