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The Blood Moons this Week – April 15

All eyes will be in the sky in the wee hours this Tuesday morning (the Blood Moon is scheduled to appear in the sky at about 3.07 a.m. ET on April 15, 2014, but will only last around 30 minutes)… that is 3 hours past midnight Monday night just to be clear.  It will even be live streamed if its cloudy where you live (click here).

Rescue Radio

I will be privileged to be a guest of my good friends in Minneapolis, Margie Cole and Desiree Hanson on Margie’s show, Rescue Radio.  Click here for the link to the show. We will Read More

All TV Interviews with Prophecy in the News

I have been privileged to work closely with Prophecy in the News since 2010.  This September it will be five years that I have been invited to appear on the show with Gary Stearman and occasionally do daily updates with both Gary and Bob Ulrich.  During that time I’ve also been blessed by sitting beside LA Marzulli, Russ Dizdar, and Tom Horn.

I have reorganized the many shows (there are about ten 30-minute shows now) delving into my books and related topics.  You can still find these scattered around YouTube and Vimeo, but I’ve assembled them all in one place … Read More


We have completed an eBook version of The Final Babylon:  America and the Coming of Antichrist.  This has been the most popular book I have written (no doubt thanks to the great partners working with me in writing this book).  It continues to sell well.  In response to many requests to bring the book to market in an eBook (electronic) format, we have just completed a version for Kindle, Lulu, Nook, and Apple iBook.

There is no doubt the book has had a substantial impact as we have heard great stories from readers around the world.  Even in Israel, one … Read More


I’ve struck up an “eFriendship” with a fine gentleman, prophecy student and teacher, private detective, and former minister – Dennis Bozung.  He shared these words with me a couple of days ago.  I thought they were so well said, I asked him if I could share his message to me with my readership.  He graciously agreed.   The message is short – but not so sweet. Nevertheless, it is oh so true.  I hope it puts things in perspective as it did for me. — Doug Woodward



Deception is a powerful force operating Read More


Book Review: The Final Babylon

By Eric Wem

Students of the Bible and particularly Bible Prophecy cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in their studies just because it might ruffle their patriotic feathers or demolish some preconceived notion. The subject is too important. The Final Babylon, written by authors Douglas W. Krieger, Dene McGriff, and S. Douglas Woodward, is one such book requiring this sort of open-mindedness. Even if you totally disagree with the arguments presented in the book, you will still come away challenged and edified. You can’t lose. Hence, at the outset, I challenge you to take

Read More