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I am so pleased to announce that I was recently on Prophecy in the News and we taped (“digital videoed” these days), two programs.  Each of the programs is directed on one of my two newest books.  The first of the two programs is now up on their web site and will be broadcast around the US via Dish Networks, DirecTV, and other local Christian stations.  The schedule to watch on TV is available at the Prophecy in the News website.

The first book host Kevin Clarkson and I discussed is BLOOD MOON:  THE BIBLICAL SIGNS OF APOCALYPSE.

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I am publishing this chapter here from BLOOD MOON: BIBLICAL SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE, to reinforce and state unequivocally (hopefully to eliminate the erroneous stance many claim I take) on the RAPTURE of the Church.  Please share this with anyone who wishes to understand why the PRETRIBUTION view of the rapture is biblical, logical, and not subject to the many ad hominem arguments advanced against those who hold to it.




“And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this Read More


I spent about 90 minutes last night with Johnny Baptist the host of Tribulation NOW radio, discussing the Blood Moon Prophecy and whether it is truly a fulfillment of the biblical prophecies (specifically Joel 2:31 and Revelation 6:12) which are from a descriptive perspective, seemingly unmistakable signs of the apocalypse.

Here is a link to the show:  CLICK HERE

We begin talking together at almost exactly the 100 minute mark.  The article I wrote on the subject was published as my blog this past week.  You can look up and read the article (which is stirring up some discussion to … Read More


Blood Moon Madness

By S. Douglas Woodward

Summary:  This past weekend, just before sunrise on April 4, 2015, the third of the four blood moon tetrads could be seen in the U.S.  Once more two key questions arise:  “Will the Tribulation begin this year?  Is the Blood Moon Prophecy True?”  Moreover, during the past two weeks, a dispute has arisen over who should be credited with the discovery.  This feud between two different Christian ministers (both who have written books and made films on the topic) will likely bring discredit to both and the Blood Moon Prophecy itself.  This apocalyptic Read More

Interview on BLOOD MOON with John Baptist, TRIBULATION NOW!

What a great time last night!  I was privileged to spend 90 minutes with Johnny Baptist on his show, TRIBULATION NOW!

We covered a lot of ground.  We hit the topical issue of THE BLOOD MOONS and the commencement of the SHEMITTAH.  John contributed a good deal, and had some very funny audio clips to spice up the discussion.  I also talked about our upcoming prophecy conference in Columbus, Ohio on November 14,15, 2014, (click the date for information about signing up for tickets or live streaming), supplying information about our speakers and the issues we will cover there.

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