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The conventional scenario of how prophetic events from the Bible will play out has changed. During the first two decades of the Twenty-first Century, dramatic developments have shaken the usual interpretation of what will happen as Bible prophecy is fulfilled.  Just like the Great London Fire of 1666 (pictured above) which caused panic and apocalyptic fervor, people around the world have been shaken by unprecedented happenings: the global pandemic, the crashing of the world economy, the new threat of nuclear war between the superpowers, and continued unrest in the Middle East which could trigger such a war.

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I was happy to see the nice acclaim from Prophecy Watchers and Gary Stearman for this popular book.  I think it might be an overstatement!  But, for evangelical Christians, there isn’t much out there that tries to explain the nature of the Cosmos given the Judeo-Christian Worldview that we, who believe in a supernatural world (and cosmos), affirm.

I was privileged once again to join Gary Stearman for a recently posted television show from Prophecy Watchers.  We discussed the book, REVISING REALITY, that was written by Anthony Patch, Josh Peck, Gonzo Shimura, and me, S Douglas Woodward.  I also served … Read More

THE FALL OF THE UNITED STATES? Its Greatest Threats Examined and Ranked: THE HOT SEAT, SEPTEMBER 8, 2021

THE HOT SEAT: SEPTEMBER 8, 2021. This week I’m joined by John Haller, a Bible Prophecy expert and avid researcher/teacher on current events.

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John and I consider all the threats the United States faces at this time and rank which threats present the greatest probability our country will fall.

John presents a weekly 90 minutes “prophecy update” which examines what is happening in geopolitics, domestic problems, lapses in governmental policy, military threats, concerns about the pandemic, and how this “convergence of events” brings into focus what the Bible has to … Read More


I was privileged to be interviewed once again by Prophecy Watchers’ host, Gary Stearman, to discuss two of my books: Power Quest, Books 1 and 2.  This show runs 29 minutes and has just been posted on the Prophecy Watchers’ website.  It will be on the TBN network later in the month. 

Forgive me for saying, but I think it was a good one.  Gary and I covered the progression of evil from early America to present day. In the midst of this story, we discover a close connection between Nazi Germany and a number of vital issues in … Read More

ANTICHRIST IS READY TO BE REVEALED: The Shocking Account of His Origins from the Woman Who Gave Him Birth

In this week’s HOT SEAT (8-18-21), I am joined by a remarkable person who details the incredible story of the preparation of four generations of Antichrist. The fourth and final incarnation of Antichrist, is a hybrid combining the iniquity-filled blood lines and the Seed of Satan. It is he who will soon come forth.

Her name is Nadine and she is literally the mother of the Antichrist (whose name is Nimrod but likely will take the name Alexander). Among the original 12 women whose eggs were harvested in 1943-44 for this express purpose, she explains how Satan prepared a vast … Read More