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Update on My Status and Whereabouts

To my followers:

I owe you an apology.  I have been missing in action for almost 3 months and have not informed you about the reason.  This short note seeks to provide that information.

My wife has been quite ill and has had to be in clinics for treatments for various serious issues.  Her most recent challenge is her right eye. A few weeks ago she developed an ulcer in her eye and also a fungal infection.  Neither we nor the doctors have any clue why this has occurred.

We continue visiting the doctor(s) twice weekly.  The visits are not … Read More


For those who have been wondering what I’ve been up to since I haven’t been doing HotSeat programs, the answer is writing with a vengeance.

First off, I have updated my book American Requiem with some new information, updated facts, some new charts and pictures, and mainly, gone to color.

Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days? is an examination of Dr. Andy Woods recent book on whether ancient Babylon on the Euphrates will be rebuilt in the last days and serve as the global capital for the Antichrist.

The Second Edition of American Requiem takes the more general … Read More


There may have never been a time when the United States of America has been more threatened from within and without.

A possible war with China, a war between Israel and Iran that could pull the US Military into the fray, and issues associated with the current administration (concerns raised from many quarters about forced vaccinations, fears about the open border on our southern flank, and civil violence due to racial conflicts), all speak to the enormous challenges we face.

If Christians are fearful about the days ahead, it is most understandable.  How can we prepare ourselves for an assault

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Interview: Mike Spaulding Quizzes Douglas Woodward on Current Events and Financial Predictions

We had a great live conversation for one hour last week.  Current events, prophecy, the believability of what our government tells us, and what we might be able to do about it. I will be speaking at the Hidden Day Conference, aka, How Close Are We? It is being held in Brookville, Ohio (near Dayton) on Nov 5-7.  My current schedule there has me speaking at 7:00 on Friday, for about an hour.  But things may change.  I will not be able to be there in person, but will present interactively via an Internet app (i.e., Zoom, Teams, etc.)  Information

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THE FALL OF THE UNITED STATES? Its Greatest Threats Examined and Ranked: THE HOT SEAT, SEPTEMBER 8, 2021

THE HOT SEAT: SEPTEMBER 8, 2021. This week I’m joined by John Haller, a Bible Prophecy expert and avid researcher/teacher on current events.

(Click on the image immediately above to go to YouTube).

John and I consider all the threats the United States faces at this time and rank which threats present the greatest probability our country will fall.

John presents a weekly 90 minutes “prophecy update” which examines what is happening in geopolitics, domestic problems, lapses in governmental policy, military threats, concerns about the pandemic, and how this “convergence of events” brings into focus what the Bible has to … Read More